So it only took a while but Clipper have just launched there brand new range of smoking accessories to rival the more commercial producers such as Rizla and Swan. Clipper who are best known for there frankly amazing lighters that turn even non smokers into lighter collecting freaks of nature. I should know, I have a bag at home with hundreds in it. Clipper also made some vape products last year by the name of Brio but I dont think they where that popular or at least with the supposed implementation of the TPD I think Clipper have discontinued their vape range. But who cares about vaping when there is a new rolling paper brand on the UK market for smokers and tokers to use. Clipper have really put there best foot forward and have released an entire rolling paper range with added associated rolling paper products, usually companies release a few products at a time steadily building the range but not clipper. New clipper smoking papers include the below.

Red, Blue & Green Single Wide Rolling Papers - designed to rival the red blue and green Rizla packets, these clipper smoking papers use the same colour code to describe the paper thickness. These will make up the backbone of the hand rolling paper range as this is what the majority of smokers in England use to make rollups. Then they have added a 1 1/4 rolling paper, also known as Spanish sized rolling papers these are great for anyone looking to purchase a paper that is just that little bit bigger than the rest for a few more puffs. This and there black kingsize paper are called Platinum rolling papers by Clipper and are the premium range probably better suited to connoisseur smokers and tokers. The other papers they have released are the silver and brown ranges with silver being extra thin and is available in regular rolling paper sizes and king size slim and brown being the eco friendly recycled papers that are designed for the more health and planet concious UK smokers. So a full colour coded range of great smoking papers ready to rock the world of the UK hand rolling community.

Added to the rolling paper range is slim, extra slim and menthol filters made from cellulose for a smooth inhalation and smoking experience. And also lets not forget a rolling machine to finish of the new range of clipper products. So thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy buying and using Clipper rolling papers. Just take a look at our "where to buy" guide when it comes to buying anything in the UK rolling paper or smoking related. there are a few really underhand business run by coke freaks who will defraud you quicker than you can blink so refer to our guide or just use your common sense, check forums and reviews to see exactly how you will be treated. And dont forget if you are based in Cornwall or are visiting you can buy all your Clipper branded products from Quintessential in Truro. And dont forget that Quintessential smoking tips are the best smoking roach papers available world wide and will make using Clipper rolling papers an absolute pleasure to smoke with.