Yes the dreaded word has been mentioned, although I dont feel to bad as some of the local shops have already gone Xmas crazy straight after summer holidays ended and are already decked out in full Christmas battle rattle. But despite that it will roll round quicker than any of us wanted or expected, apart from kids, for them it will be a slow countdown till father Christmas wrestles himself down a chimney. But for us adults we may not get a a visit from a sweaty home invading fat man but we do normally have a nice partner who buys us stuff and in most cases if you are a smoker you will be getting a mixture of rolling papers, blunt wraps and other assorted smoking products as adult stocking fillers.  But by now most of us will of received all the gimmicky smoking accessories one needs and most folks will have a box dedicated to this collection that is hardly ever touched but this year why not make 2016 the year you only give and receive quality usable products, so no gimmicks not cheap crap papers. What would we like to see in our stocking filler this year, well for a start a couple of packets of OCB Slims, some Smoking Master Spanish rolling papers and 1 packet of flavoured rolling papers, probably juicy jays in a kingsize paper size flavoured with something festive, possibly blackberry brandy and of course a pack of Quintessential Smoking Tips. What else is needed, as long as you are around those you love having good food and good smokes, this is the true meaning of christmas. dont forget to only buy smoking products from trustworthy places, if they are not on our list then dont buy from them and we recommend using Ali Bongo for all your head shop needs

 Christmas 2016 rolling paper gifts

Of course now you have all the rolling smoking papers and products needed to make the international day of rest even more relaxing but its still not enough so another great gift idea for the Smoker, toker and master baker this christmas if male or even possibly female is Computer games, after all you need something to do when your getting blazed and want to ignore the extended family and nothing will do that like a new computer game. If you get one this year it may be because your family have found the easiest way to get rid of you and I doubt you will care. Another great gift for smokers and stoners this 2016 xmas is niche food and food supplements especially high end CBD oil which can also be smoked alongside your rolling papers, The Endoca Kief smoking powder is a great gift and will have any smoker intrigued and excited- give it a go, you wont be sorry. 

 Weed Computer games


And another great gift will be the new RAW Glass filter tips made by RooR - these are reusable smoking tips made by world renowned glass smoking product manufacturer based in Germany. These Raw glass filter tips are exactly the same as the Cypress Hill Phuncky feel tips and the only difference is the RAW branding, so quality you can trust. These glass tips would make an excellent gift and any smoker would be keen to receive them. Apart form that the only real gift a stoner wants this year is legalization. that me be Santa's gift in 2017, who knows.  


RAW RooR Glas Filter Tips