Welcome good people to another official smokah blog, this time on the new product releases by RAW of the Raw rolling papers fame. 2016 /2017 is ready for 3 new items by them including 2 new types of glass filter made by RooR, the best known glass bong maker in the world and a really cool smell neutralizing candle that is full of plant terpenes to create a wonderful scent. Dont get me wrong RAW or HBI often bring new products out and while a fair amount of them never catch on, these 3 new products are sure to be a big hit with the stoner's and tokers out there. All three of the items below are must have stoner smokeware and no dorm room or college is complete without them. Dont take our word for it though, have a look and then buy it, but remember if you see this product for sale through anyone not on our recommend resellers list then steer clear to avoid possible fraud and getting fake or dodgy products, remember its too cheap for a reason and saying its official stock is not always a guarantee. If you are looking for a bargain check amazon or ebay as the business structure protects the buyer should they receive counterfeit goods or bad service. Its a cut throat industry and it pays to use and support people who are honest, and everyone on our list is a trusted UK business, those not on the list be aware of potential issues that will arise from using them. Anyway know you know where to buy the products, lets look at them in a bit more depth.


RAW Terpene Sensory Odour Neutraliser Candle 

RAW Terpene sensory odour controll candle - by Raw rolling papers

This is a great new product release for the late end of 2016 and no smoker or toker worth anything will bypass this great smoke session odour killer. Imagine, you are at home having a hot box session and your parents or house mates pull up and they dont take kindly to the legal smoking herbs, what do you do? if you have a RAW smell neutralizing candle then you should be fine especially if used all the way through the session but if you dont have one of the brand new terpene infused odour control candles then your busted, better open every window and pray there is a through draft. The candle itself is made using totally non GMO soy wax, Hemp Seed Oil, Myrcene and therapeutic grade terpene essential oils for a refreshing scent that clears smoked out rooms with ease. The candle is slow burning allowing you to get plenty of use for your money with a burning time of of 15 hours making this one of the cheapest ways to get odour control for smoke outs without buying or using heavily chemical sprays or room deodorizers.  Relax and let your senses unwind from the hectic everyday lifestyle and sink into the scent of relaxation and freshness. Brought to you by RAW one of the most mainstream smoking product companies around. Key product points below.

Made From:

  • Non GMO - Soy Wax - breathe easy
  • Hemp Seed - natural and sustainable 
  • Therapeutic Grade Terpene Essential Oils - great natural scent
  • Myrcene - another great Terpene 
  • Raw Candle - no additives
  • Non GMO - safe to use 
  • Natural - no chemical additives 
  • Clean Burning - no harsh smoke or scent
  • Promotes peacefulness and well-being 
  • Burn Time: 15 Hours - long life odour killing candle
  • Perfect way to give a room odour control
  • Good for Colleges and dorm rooms 
  • Great for non smokers to 
  • RAW Terpene Sensory Odour Neutraliser Candle
  • Buy here - best price and non counterfeit stock