With the effects of Global warming and Climate change becoming more evident around the world it is now time for all us consumers to do our part to reduce the levells of consumption and waste we help generate. We can no longer sit back idly and continue contributing to the mountain of waste that is left behined as a by product of our rampant consumerism.... if we have a conscience. The change starts right here with you and I and the decisions we make with our purchasing power. Remember if we all refused single use plastics etc, the corporations would not use them as their bottom line dictates that they have to sell, and if consumers say no, you best believe they will quickly re-model their operation. Its not impossible but I will be honest and say it is difficult to live a life in a ethical way these days, almost everything comes packaged, even fruit in supermarket needs cellophane apparently so there really is no easy way to get away from it, apart from of course buying local and shunning the supemarkets when possible . But don't despair, forward thinking companies do exist both in the mainstream industries' and the alternative and Cannabis and hemp trade, and they are fighting an uphill battle to get things done - we are very proud to be one of those companies. 

Product waste

The Cannabis industry also has a lot to do, for such cool, switched on people many businesses on one hand cry ethics and on the other always take the cheapest rout to market with their products. Why,  because talk is cheap, and they to are only concerned with the bottom line just like the mainstream businesses. Not all but most profess a love for the hemp and the cannabis plant but don't actually care one way or another as long as money is being made. We have seen this in action for a while now and it is sad but with forward thinking consumers like you, they will have to change their ways or risk being called out asa taker and a faker.. America has seen an explosion of sales involving Cannabis and hemp products but most will be packaged in traditional plastics, especially the single use heat sealed plastic bags that get used once and are then thrown away, we think this should change. 

Trump on climate changeIf you live on this planet and wish to see real change, you will need to vote with your money, unfortunately big business does not seem to listen otherwise and with people like Darth Satsuma at the helm telling America that global warming is not real we have alot to fear. Its is evident we all need to do more and take action on an individual level, a community level and as the entire world if we want there to be a human race for the planet to enjoy ( see what i did there). Or we could just continue racing to the bottom. Here he is again below, telling you how he paid some experts to investigate it but does not believe them.

We are very proud to offer our range of Pure Hemp Packaging to the world and to be the first people to do it. it took a lot of time and effort but it is worth it to be able to provide companies and their consumers a real viable alternative in the way that they buy and sell products. More companies are now using our packaging and creating an authenticity all of their own for not only talking the talk, but walking the walk - after all they could have gone for the cheaper inferior standard option which most products come in. Make a positive change in the way you buy products both in the Cannabis and Hemp Trades world or in the wider world of consumerism. Everything helps, don't be like the Darth Satsuma and ignore the reality and want and expect more from the people who make your products.