We don’t know everything about CBD – expert scientists are forever conducting tests, finding out the best uses, how it effects the human body. While more and more is being found out about it every day, we do know a few things.

We’ve got a few facts and myths to discuss to give you a better understanding of what Cannabidiol is and what it does:

  • MYTH: CBD is illegal

In the UK, Hemp CBD is totally legal. Just from word association, though, you would be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Cannabis is illegal so why wouldn’t CBD be? The answer is because CBD does not contain the same psychoactive properties that THC does. In fact, due to many of the positive impacts the naturally occurring Cannabidiol can have relating to anxiety and psychosis, CBD is being prescribed more and more by doctors and professionals.

  • FACT: CBD won’t get you high

This is an easy misconception because of how close it is to THC but CBD does not contain any psychoactive properties that get users “high” the way that THC does. Of the many studies that have been conducted on CBD, none have shown results of mental slowness, haziness or any other form of impediment that can occur after THC usage. CBD does have an effect on the body but the feelings range from general relaxation to relief and calmness; nothing psychoactive like THC. In fact, research has shown that CBD actually counteracts many of the effects brought on by THC usage.

  • MYTH: CBD comes from Cannabis

Almost. Cannabidiol actually comes from the Cannabis sativa plant which different to cannabis or marijuana. Cannabis, Cannabis sativa and hemp are, in fact, all different and it’s important to know these differences. Cannabis sativa is the plant where all these things come from and is made up of several hundred compounds and over 100 cannabinoids – the two most commonly known cannabinoids found in the plant are Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

  • FACT: CBD has been shown to help seizures and epilepsy.

No doubt a key factor in its rise in popularity, many studies have shown that individuals that have begun taking CBD oil have seen a dramatic decrease in their seizures. Cannabidiol offers a non-toxic and natural alternative to prescribed pharmaceutical treatments that could potentially cause long term damage or side effects. It’s not just seizures and epilepsy though. There have been a number of reports of people using CBD to overcome nerve pain, migraines and arthritis. Most notable, though, is its usage from cancer patients as a way to manage the pain from both the illness and the treatment.

  • MYTH: Hemp CBD and Marijuana CBD are the same thing

You would think that because both Hemp and Marijuana come from the Cannabis sativa plant, the extracts would be the same but this isn’t the case. While marijuana can come from Cannabis sativa, it can also come from Cannabis indica. Hemp is simply the term for cannabis that has less than .3% THC and Marijuana is cannabis that has more than .3% THC.

There is still so much to discover about CBD but with every passing day, more and more positives are brought to our attention and we can’t wait to see what comes next.