Yes, you are gonna have that tune floating around in your head all day and we can only apologise in advance for that. But we have good reason to bring up Musical Youth's weed smoking anthem and that reason is Dutchie originals new branded range of roll your own smoking papers. If you are a hand rolling cigarette user and like to make your own smokes then this new range is 2016's rolling paper release of note. Its really cool how many of today's people in the smoking industry are starting to understand just how and why smoking with unbleached and organic papers and associated smokers products is vital to any smoker worth his salt. Quintessential have been making and supplying organic, chlorine and bleach free smoking products since way before anyone else and its really cool to see other people embrace this as its not just a gimmick to make sales its part of being the best. Dutchies have decided to go hard and not go home by providing their products available in two different formats: Natural (Organic Unbleached) and Unbleached (Organic Hemp) and in three different sizes: 1 1/4, King Size Slim, King Size Slim with Tips. of course if you are a true smoking connoisseur then you will mix our tips with their papers for a truly exciting smoking experience that is smooth and effortless. If you are looking a for a new and high quality rolling smoking paper this year then make the leap to Dutchies originals to see what all the fuss is about and remember only buy them from official sellers to ensure you dont get ripped off. Check out our "where to buy rolling papers online" blog to see who to use and who to avoid. And if you have tried these new RYO smoking papers please comment below how you found using them - it may help future tokers. And if you thought you would get away with out the song then scroll down, its a blast from the past, all you need now is your dutchies to pass on the left hand side and if your reading this thinking what song, what is he on about then I am jealous of your age and please also listen to the tune, its a classic.

Dutchies hand rolling smoking papers - organic- unbleached premium

  • Clear Size Indication on all Papers
  • Premium Slow Burning Papers Used
  • No Aminal Products used in Manufacturing
  • No Gluten used in Arabic Gum
  • Only the Finest Arabic Gum Used
  • Certified 100% Organic Hemp by TUV in Germany
  • Unique Watermark Pattern Ensuring Slow and Even Burn
  • Easy to use
  • Smokes great