Hello good people and welcome to yet another blog about what we sell and what we do, boring right. Well yes and no, it is self promotion but at the same time you may just see something new and exciting, so writing the blog is annoying yet worthwhile if but one person where to see something that may be of value to them then my job here is done. Anyway enough of the why and more of the what have we got that's new. New products include 2 different CBD skin products and some very unique products by Cannawell that have been blended with some fine ingredients. Please read on to see a bit more about the products in detail. If you are based in or near Cornwall you can find us in the capital city of Truro - We are Cornwall's leading CBD stockist and unlike other re sellers we only sell organic certified CBD & CBDa products. You should only purchase CBD oil from people based in the hemp trade or at least involved in it, as health food shops sadly dont know enough about the product or it's manufacturing process to ensure you get a good product that's potent and effective. We are Cornwall's first and best rated seller of CBD and associated hemp products delivering CBD products world wide since June 2015. Our staff are happy to help and are friendly and knowledgeable so if you have any question please feel free to ask. 


CBD Skin Products


Oils, pastes and vape liquids are all to common in the CBD product world and while they are all good products there was a little gap for ready mixed skin care products that had the high quality CBD compound in it. While in oils and food supplements the concentration of CBD can be high with some products we sell being a 40% CBD but with skin care and cosmetic products the legal UK and EU limit is set at 2%. Now 2% may not be what everyone wants but for those that require a lower dose of CBD applied via skin then the 2 products below will certainly be worth your hard earned money and will make your skin feel re energised and silky smooth.

1. Endoca Lip & skin Balm


This is a great new product release by Endoca and the skin and lip balm comes in a very handy and easy to apply tube making it perfect to apply in patches so if you require CBD on certain parts of the body it can be applied with ease, for example on sun damaged skin etc. Its made using totally natural products and is made by CBD manufactures of note Endoca who have a long history growing and using organic hemp. Not only is this skin and lip balm perfect for dry damaged lips, its also 100 hundred percent vegan and gluten free meaning you can moisturises in confidence without applying loads of bad chemicals onto your body. We use this product ourselves and always have it in our bag when out and about. If you have been looking to try a CBD cosmetic product that's designed for sensitive areas, this is for you.


2. Cannawell CBD Skin Cream



We have had nothing but good reports from people who have used this product and the main thing we hear is that it makes your skin feel awesome. It rejuvenates the skin helping achieve a smooth and soft feeling skin while saving it from fatigue or irritants that are sadly part of our everyday life. Its BIO formulations and high quality essential oils deliver brighter, firmer, more radiant and glowing skin making you look your best all day every day and is very beneficial for treating common skin complaints, muscular problems, psoriasis, eczema, acne and abrasions so this can be incorporated into your daily routine with no hassle. And while its great for your skin, this CBD cosmetic product has no THC and is easily absorbed by the skin and will not leave you feeling greasy or sticky. And as a added bonus Cannawell CBD Cream contains only natural ingredients and is free from any petroleum or animal products, solvents, sulphates, silicones, parabens and artificial colours. Another high end CBD cosmetic product on the UK market that we highly recommend.


Blended CBD Oils

This is a new and exciting type of CBD & CBDa oil that is made using the cannabidiol compound found in industrial hemp plants and then added to a mixture of different oils and extracts to create a CBD product that is powerful and effective with added properties from the blended oils and extracts that synergies's  with the CBD cannabidiol compound to give you a really good product. If you have been looking for a new way to take CBD then this may be for you and you may also be taking some of the oils and extracts separately so combining them together in one product will save you time and money, something we could all do with in this hectic world. please remember that what ever CBD product you buy it must have been certified and organic, anything that does not have these included loud and proud probably want to hide something, so choose wisely what you buy and try a blended CBD oil for a high end CBD experience.


1. Cannawell CBD Blend Oil


This is oil blending at its finest and Cannawell have outdone themselves by sourcing and creating such a unique and high end product. Available in both 10ml and 30ml bottles and also available in the 6x strength should you require a more potent cannabidiol oil product. it has Frankincense Carteri and Black Cumin Seed Oil added, a very potent combination, please research online if you are not familiar with these plant extracts and their properties. Its a very different taste and may be suitable for people who want to take cbd or CBDa oil without the bad taste, although i actually like the taste of CBD but its very subjective. 





2. Cannawell CBD Pet Blend


While this blend cbd oil is not for humans, it has been blended expertly to make it irresistible to pets and is powerful and effective. we have sold many many units now and we also use this on our pet who is approaching old age gracefully.  just put some drops onto or mix into the pet food and watch as your pet eats it with no hesitation. The CBD pet blend hemp oil by Cannawell contains 180mg CBD in a 50:50 blend of Hemp seed oil and fermented cod liver oil. Fermented cod liver oil; an excellent source of vitamins A and D, DHA, EPA, and Omega-3 and Hemp seed oil; an excellent source of omegas 6 and 3, at a 3:1 ratio respectively so a great product with many benefits. If you are looking to give your pet a cbd product we can wholeheartedly endorse using this excellent CBD product by Cannawell .


cannawell CBD pet blend hemp oil for dogs & Cats