Hello good people and welcome to yet another Quintessential Tips CBD product update. Today we are going to talk a bit a bout the new ranges of CBD we have introduced onto our website and in our shop in Cornwall. Unlike many others we have decided to only stock products worthy of taking and for us that means organic and certified products only. As we also take CBD we now what we want and dont care for flashy marketing, only accurate high grade CBD oils and associated products. So naturally we are very happy to expand our range and be able to offer a few new high end CBD companies products. New in store is Cannawell, Amma Life and Charlotte's Web which is a very well known brand from USA that  has been marketed very well but alongside that its actually a well used and ethical product. please read on for a bit more hype, go on you love it.


Charlotte's Web CBD oil USA - Cornwall UK


Charlotte's Web 

Charlotte's Web is the brainchild of the CW hemp company that operates in Colorado USA. Its a world famous company that shot to fame via its success at treating people with its signature oil blend that is derived from organic industrial hemp crops. unlike others this CBD oil comes flavoured with natural mint chocolate flavourings or natural olive oil for a more authentic taste. This allows people who dont like its natural taste to continue ingesting it as the mint and chocolate make it much more palatable. If you have done or are doing any research into cbd oils then its very likely you have heard about Charlotte's web cbd products and that is for good reason. its a high end CBD product that has been marketed extremely well. Does it make it better than any other of the CBD products we sell? you will have to try for yourself to see. This really innovative CBD transdermal patch that they produce is a great example of skill and thought allowing you to uptake more CBD all day at a cheaper cost. 








Amma Life CBD product range

Amma Life

 Amma life is a new-ish British company that is co-owned by Sophia & K who both have a history in ethical wellness& holistic therapies. But perhaps even cooler K was involved with the Ronnie Size reprazent album which was a drum and bass masterpiece.  Sophie and K both live and breath what they do and its not a hype product designed to trap the ill educated, rather its a well sourced organic CBD oil in various forms that they whole heartedly believe in themselves. So if you are looking for a British CBD company that has ethics and well being at the core of their operation then get behind and support Amma life. Their whole plant extract pastes are some of the most potent for price available with the CBD paste coming in 3 gram, 7 gram and 10 gram syringes. With the 3 gram coming in at £45 its cost effective and a very powerful and effective product worth looking into.