A constant theme of our blogs has been that you need to really take care when purchasing CBD oils. Gone are the halcyon days of 2015 & 2016 when the scene was still fresh and people were making and innovating in a new and exciting industry. 

Now that CBD oil and the associated products in the genre have hit peak consumer awareness, you can be sure that we are all now just consumers in a game of who can sell the most stock units, just like any other consumable product available on the marketplace.

The scam however is not that CBD oil exists and people sell it for profit, it is how many sellers and manufacturers are complicit in lies, medical claims and preying on peoples desperation, all for the sake of a few more pounds.

In this inevitable race to the bottom, it is sad to see the plant we all know and love be treated like a cold, dead tool of capitalism with no love and no honesty by the vast majority of people operating in the sector. Not all by any means but a high percentage.

This was always going to be the case but there is now a lot of cowboys with nefarious connections at play in the so called UK hemp and cannabis industry who have never cared about the consumer or the plant, their god is money, and they will do anything to separate you from yours.

manufacturing the lie | cbd oil

A lot of the problems stem from the operating practices of the manufacturers. We have been noticing for some time now that many of these manufacturers are not exactly innocent in how they sell and market their products and worse, how they allow others to sell and market their products.  

Every CBD manufacturer is looking to differentiate themselves from the competition, usually its done by being better and therefore offering something different from the competition but as a lot of the manufacturers are nothing more than bandwagon jumpers, why bother deviating from the normal procedure, and that is to copy product formats and make outlandish claims about authenticity while funneling large amounts of money into marketing, often using soulless marketing agencies to ram CBD down your / our throat.

So what do I mean by "Manufacturing the Lie"

The "lie" is the medical claims, the "lie" is sellers of cbd oils telling consumers it will cure this and that knowing full well the products are not to be sold that way and are not a cure. The "lie" is affiliates making these claims and then getting kick backs from the sellers who know very well what's going on but as its involves a third party, it can be ignored. There is almost no limit to what will be said to the consumer if it will result in a sale. 

We have even seen products on amazon claiming to cure aids and cancer.

Often the consumers of these products are in a desperate situation for one reason or another, and they then are bombarded not only by the constant marketing but also by people often on the phone or in person telling them what they want to hear, just to make a sale, often with the recommendation to buy a stronger more expensive product than they should.

This leaves a bad taste in the mouth for many, and we don't just mean how the CBD oil can taste. I suppose it was too much to hope that Hemp and Cannabis would be spared the corporate treatment but alas it was not to be.

It comes down to the fact, people just don't have much or any 'Tegridy' (see below video) and the one industry which has lots or did have, was the hemp and cannabis community as we were all on the same page but as the market opens up you can be sure things will get worse not better.

This is only our opinion on the matter, and I am sure there will be conflicting views but the corporate takeover of our beloved plant is IMHO not going to be patient led or driven, it's going to be driven by men in suites with shit eating grins.


Please remember that sellers and manufactures of CBD oil are not medically trained or allowed to sell to your fear, should you find someone is trying to up sell you or get you to buy expensive products to treat any medical condition walk away.

It's not that we don't believe in the natural healing power of hemp and cannabis, far from it, however we want people to be free to choose products in no pressure environment if they are going to buy it from retail outlets.

We want the plant to be given the reverence over money it deserves and most off all we want people to be able to grow their own and make their own products if they so wish without fear or costly burden.

Do you want some Tegridy? God knows we all need some.