British People love CBD Oil, this is a fact. With the UK CBD industry approaching a worth of an estimated billion pounds per year and growing, it has fast become one of the most popular alternative style consumer products of the last decade to hit the stores. We know that you will be interested to find out more about which individual CBD products the British nation loves and read why they do.

As ever, before we get in to the reviews and the product facts, lets take a moment to remember that the hype is real, and we are now in the midst of peak CBD. Traders will make medical claims to sell stock units and manufacturers will make fake claims of authenticity with no other desire than to flog products. I have mentioned it before but be very careful, the industry has been taken over by men in suites, which clearly is not good for the end user as you can't trust in capitalism to give you a better, stronger more effective product for less money. It's the opposite really.  

You could be forgiven though for getting caught up in the mass hysteria regarding CBD use, its almost invasive. You can see company after company making claims of grandeur and referencing that they are in this or that magazine and the products won this or that award but it's all just marketing, unsubstantiated nonsense designed to get you to spend money. What would be amazing is if these magazines mentioned them without being paid to do so.

Once you have waded through the quagmire of greed and ego you will find products of worth that are used a lot by people on a regular basis. Some of these CBD products can be seen further down the page and are reflected in their consumption by the amount of reviews they have gathered. Our reviews are real, non incentivized and verified meaning you can trust what you're reading to be the real, honest opinion of the customer who has bought and used the item. 

What types of CBD product are the most used

The most used CBD products that we sell will remain in the oil & tea format, having personally tried every possible format of CBD, oil is always the one I use on a daily basis. For me its easy to use and it travels well enough for me to take anywhere, at any time and the tea, well as a Brit I do like a cuppa. However, there are other formats of CBD products that are also very popular, these include edibles, pastes and vape products. See the below slider for all the top rated UK CBD products available from our store.



We have a substantial selection of CBD products and it may be worth you reading as many of the verified reviews as you can. We have made this simple by adding in the full page of Reviews which can be found below once it loads :) 

We have over 1030 verified, real reviews from customers who have bought and use CBD on a regular basis. By having the ability to see what others use and how their experience was, we hope it will allow you to take some pressure off and instead use them as part of your research around CBD and it's potential.

We do not incentivize people to leave reviews

British people en mass love CBD but it is just a plain fact that not all CBD is made equal. From the dodgy practices of manufacturers looking to cut corners, to the marketing agents who pray upon the sick to make sales by giving unfounded medical advice. You need to be sure of what you are buying and that the seller has not used any underhand tactics to make a sale at your expense.

What makes the British Love CBD so much?

The reasons for this are going to be many but to put my 2 pence in I reckon it has a lot to do with the fact we are a small island nation that is kept running by a workforce that is being mercilessly ground down by a ruling class of elites.  I don't want to go to deep into my outlandish claims but I think this has people looking for ways to relax as you can see from how big our recreational drug use is compared to other countries. We British clearly like to self medicate with a myriad of substances, not the least alcohol and on top of that Anxiety is a massive issue for many people who struggle with money issues and keeping their heads above water. 

So if people find that CBD works for them then it's no surprise that its becoming so popular in the UK. Our broken political system is not exactly easing the burden these days and when people in full time-work need to use food banks to survive and are feeling the full weight on their shoulders of an asset stripped society they have usually one option, take antidepressants or self medicate with drink and drugs. As the market popularity there is now a legal alternative which people seem to find is a positive one compared to the rest.

You can join the thousands of other customers in getting high end products in a safe and secure way by using Quintessential CBD. We have become one of the UK's premier CBD retailers and offer low prices and free delivery in the UK making us a go to choice for people looking to try or continue buying CBD oils and associated hemp and cannabis products. 

We won't make medical claims, and we won't promise you cures, but we will ensure a safe space for CBD users in the UK and abroad is possible without up sell and pressure. Thank you for reading, we welcome your comments below.