Rolling and smoking your own joint is easy enough to learn but can be quite difficult to master. For those who are new to cannabis, rolling your own joint is the first and most important thing you need to learn. The last thing you want is to look silly while smoking with your friends. Here are some quintessential tips and techniques to make you go from a newbie to a pro joint smoker. Remember don't break the law, if you cant legally use cannabis then curse the people who can.

Rolling a Joint

We live in a world where pre-rolled joints are now readily available from your local dispensary. However, any joint smoker would do well to know how to roll their own joint. For many cannabis smokers, it’s a ritual and a vital part of the process of smoking. Here are a few simple steps:

  • Grind Your Flower - You need a quality grinder to help you break down the flower into smaller pieces. You need a consistent grind, but not so fine that it turns to dust.
  • Fill the Paper - Get half a gram to a gram of ground cannabis to fill your rolling paper. Then, start shaping it into a log with your fingers.
  • Roll it Up - PInch the ends of the paper together between your thumb and forefinger. Gently roll your fingers up and down to pack the flower into a tight log. Next, tuck the unglued side of the paper, roll it up, and finally put some moisture on the paper and glue it down.

You also have the option to add a crutch or roach made from a small, folded piece of cardboard. Filters are also optional if you don’t want to inhale all the tar and resin.

Holding a Joint Properly

Now that you’ve rolled your own joint, it’s time to learn how to hold it properly. One of the most common ways to handle a joint is to keep it between your first and middle fingers, similar to a cigarette. Another popular option is to hold it with your thumb and index finger,

It’s important to remember that when holding a joint, you tend to end up with hands that smell like what you’re smoking. You should also avoid squeezing the joint too tightly as it can restrict airflow, which impacts your overall experience of smoking.

Lighting a Joint the Right Way

When it comes to lighting the joint, there are also techniques to help you get a better experience. For instance, before you close off the open end of your joint, it’s best to tamp down the bud inside a little tighter. This little known technique creates some extra space that allows you to twist it properly, giving you a better burn.

Knowing Which End of a Joint to Light

If you’re new to cannabis smoking, The end you light should always be opposite the side you’re going to hit. Generally speaking, whichever side is tighter to hold onto, that’s the side you’d probably want to light. This gives it a better and longer burn, which helps you get the most out of your joint.


Learning how to roll and smoke a joint is both a skill and an art. It takes some practice to be able to do it properly and become a master roller. If you’re still new to this, you can always volunteer to roll for your friends, so you have some practice doing it.

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