People who smoke CBD flowers and usually roll their own joints know that it requires skills and mastery to create a perfect form with care. If you want to make the most out of your session, you may want to consider using a cardboard filter to improve your smoking experience.

You can rest assured using a filter will result in a better and more durable joint. Now you can say goodbye to poor rolling methods and instead, maximise your chances of constantly rolling a good joint from here on out. 

Keep reading below to find out why your joint will never be the same again once you discover the true potential of incorporating a roach tip filter.

It Lets You Finish the Entire Joint

If you benefit a lot from the CBD effects you achieve from smoking a joint, then you will be sure to love the fact that when you include a filter tip, you get the most out of your roll. Since you leave a space between your joint and your lips each time it burns, you never have to watch out for lip burning and accidentally hurting yourself.

As a result, your joint has fewer chances of falling apart and more ways for you to conserve your hemp. Since it involves a significant amount of money with each purchase, you know you’re getting your money’s worth because you aren’t wasting even an inch of it away.

It Helps You Create the Perfect Joint

Using a chlorine free filter makes your joint more durable and long-lasting because it helps form its shape better. Moreover, it prevents you from repeating your roll multiple times, especially if you’re a beginner.

If you prefer using your hemp products with your friends rather than on your own, everyone can look forward to an enjoyable experience without wasting any weed. You create fewer spills, leading you to have a memorable smoking experience with other people.

It Enhances the Airflow When You Smoke

An important reason to start using tips and filters when smoking is it impacts the burning time of your joint. Throughout your session, having a filter in place slows down the chances of you finishing your roll right away, but it will depend on how fast or slow you prefer it to be.

Besides utilising a filter, there are other helpful hemp tips you can think of incorporating, such as using high-quality CBD blunt wraps, switching up your rolling technique, and more. The great thing you can get out of having a filter is improved airflow every time you take a long drag from your joint. 

It Significantly Improves Your Oral Hygiene

Without a filter, when you usually take a hit from your roll, chances are you will consume bits and pieces of weed along with it. Not only do you end up wasting your precious CBD, but your oral hygiene becomes affected too, eventually tainting your teeth with brown tar colour created through combustion.

But when you decide to lodge a roach tip filter in place, you never have to worry about your joint becoming soggy and soft after a few rounds of smoking. If you’re sharing a joint with your friends, the fewer chances you mix each other’s spits too!


For people who have never used a filter on their joints, it will feel different during your first few times, but once you get used to it, you will never go back. You get to depend on the CBD benefits that come with using a cardboard filter, such as finishing the entire joint, rolling the perfect blunt, experiencing better airflow, and having improved oral hygiene.   

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