Is CBD Oil Safe for Children?

As a parent myself this is really hard question to answer, and as a CBD seller even more so. The short answer In my honest opinion is generally yes but this is not a decision anyone else can make for you and your child. This must be a parent led choice after completing your research. You owe it to your kids to do so and also your sanity as you do not want to keep second guessing your choices.

The stigma of giving children cannabis based products is being diminished every day and it would seem that we have all been missing a trick on this subject even for adult usage. But times are changing and Cannabis and Hemp products are fast becoming the go to choice over Pharmaceutical based options.

Safety concerns for parents wishing to give their kids CBD oils and products should include staying away from cheap products made with isolate or ones that are marketed as being cures or medical aides etc. 

By now most of you can tell the difference between a CBD oil of note and just another cheap CBD oil made by people with a passion for money, if in doubt refer to our product reviews, the products that are used a lot by people are going to have a lot of good reviews and you can use them to help build a picture of the product or brand before purchase.  

is cbd oils safe for children

Is CBD Oil right for your child

Everyone's kids are different and taking CBD is not going to be right for everyone. Do your due diligence on the matter before giving it to your kids. Product format can play a big role in getting your kids to take it once you have thought about and researched what you want to achieve by giving your kids CBD oil or CBD products. Speak first with your GP if you are unsure and take your time.

How to get kids to take CBD Oil 

Once you have decided to give your kids CBD oil, the next phase is to be able to get them to take it which can be problematic for some as the taste and consistency is not for everyone, adults included. However please stay clear of CBD oils made with cheap flavouring ingredients and choose natural every time. Through selling products to parents, a pattern of product choice has come to light and the most used products for kids is CBD edibles and oils. The pastes are too strong in flavour and no child likes swallowing capsules. 

We know that there are exceptions to everything and it will be a good idea to experiment with what you think is the best fit for your child and lifestyle. If you do not feel comfortable then seek further guidance before giving it to them or just don't do it yet. There should be no pressure to buy or do anything out of your comfort zone. Your children's well-being and development is of key priority here 

Did you give CBD oils to your child ?

We have given our child CBD oils with no issues but to be honest at this stage we have no requirement to dose him with CBD oil regularly. He is a happy child and full of energy, so we only give it to him before long journeys or moments of stress as he does seem to relax well with it but from our own point of view, unless you know you want to give it to your kids for a specific reason perhaps just concentrate on the diet you feed them during the early years and you may find that just by staying on top of what they consume that your kids should be happier all round. And a happy child makes for happy parents.

CBD oil has been and is a tool at our disposal, when flying or travelling anywhere the whole family takes CBD, and we have found it to have a positive impact for our family unit. Personally I don't feel giving my child really high amounts of CBD is worth it for us. We alternate between our own Everyday 5% oil and this one from Two lions CBD which is naturally flavoured and my boy has with no issues taking either. Then when on the road as it were, we have CBD Gummies and edibles on us which suites the whole family and are very easy to administer. 

Conclusion about giving CBD oils to kids

As long as its given after completing all your research and it is not used as a cure or medical replacement then you may find that giving CBD to your kids is a positive step but it's imperative you do not take the decision lightly. Read, study and learn and don't just give them CBD oils with no thought put in and expect miracles. Help them even more by cutting back on sugar and salt intake from their diet and get pro active with what you feed them and help them cut down on screen time. This will have a wonderful impact on them and their future. 

We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and remember, it's your family and your life so you must be in charge of the choice made regarding giving your children CBD and cannabis based products. 

Disclaimer: Quintessential Tips does not advise giving CBD oils to kids. We do advise that if you are intending to do so, you speak to your GP first and you undertake as much research as possible before giving them any. You must complete you due diligence and take responsibility for your choices.