You might have had run-ins with your relatives or other friends spewing out information on CBD that is false. Many people still believe that marijuana and CBD are the same things, and you really cannot blame them. These two intertwine as part of biology and horticulture, but the results are different. CBD oil is a very new product that has already become a fan favourite with very different effects compared to marijuana.

CBD benefits are numerous, which can offer those willing to try it a whole new experience. There are still plenty of stigmas surrounding the field of cannabis use due to the age-old drug war that criminalised and demonised the use of it. However, times are now changing. Many areas in the United States and the United Kingdom have begun to ease up on cannabis products. Now, the question is, how do you explain CBD products to a first-time user? Here are some newbie-friendly pieces of advice:

Clarify What Makes CBD Different From Marijuana

The biggest difference between the two is the effect it has on a person after consumption. Many people think the high is part of CBD’s effects. This notion is untrue, as CBD is the non-psychoactive property of the cannabis plant. Explaining the difference between THC and the topic at hand will make a huge difference in educating a person on their decision. Many do not like the idea of getting high and do not want to risk testing positive in a drug test at work.

Letting them know that drug tests test for THC only is one way to show that CBD is a different product altogether. Although they come from the cannabis plant, CBD’s hemp plant origin makes it contain very, very few traces of THC that standard urine tests cannot detect. People also use CBD oils for many uses, and they come in many forms like topicals, vape juices, and edibles.

Products To Start With

It is possible to enjoy CBD in many forms, which is an excellent option for those who do not like smoking. If someone does not like the oily texture of the oil-based kind, they can opt for edibles that come in gummies or other cooking ingredients. Here are people’s favourite CBD products and how to enjoy them:

1. CBD Oils

CBD hemp oil is a high-CBD, low THC hemp that contains very few amounts of the psychoactive compound, as stated above. They will not get you stoned and come in either a spray bottle or with a dropper to put the product in your mouth for consumption. Putting the recommended dosage under your tongue, holding the oil for a minute or so, then swallowing will allow the product to take effect relatively quickly.

2. CBD Capsules

Just like medicines and vitamins, you can buy CBD in capsule form. People opt to use this method because they dislike the earthy taste of the oil in their mouth. A capsule or two each day after breakfast is a fantastic way to maximise the effectiveness of the CBD, but it is alright to take these without food. Each capsule holds around 10mg of CBD and 20mg is around the sweet spot for consumption daily.

3. CBD Topicals

These creams are often used by people who do not like ingesting CBD but want the effects on their skin. You can use topicals on your skin to balance out skin pH levels and even cause hormones to be less aggressive. Athletes also use them on joints and muscles after a good workout or game to assist with recovery as part of CBD’s effects on relaxation.


It is the 21st century, and 2020 has shown plenty of changes in the world. There is no more reason to be afraid of the cannabis plant, and science has shown time and time again that it is beneficial in many ways. As a naturally occurring substance that’s existed for centuries, it carries so much potential for human health and recreation.

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