Word has spread about the many uses for cannabis. Previously, most people thought that marijuana was just a recreational drug. This assumption was proven false on multiple occasions.

However, in the same way that the populous placed misinformed judgment on cannabis, others now spread myths about the drug. A majority of the rumours that circulate social spaces are used to justify the use or avoidance of marijuana. Here are five myths:

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Every Type of Cannabis Gets You High

A drug is any substance that alters the state of a human’s mind, usually through chemical imbalances and changes. Cannabis usually produces one of two feelings for users. Most of the time, this sensation is a combination of euphoria and relaxation. Others might feel a sudden burst of energy.

Regardless of the effects, they’re always a result of bodily interactions with THC, the compound responsible for changing a mental state. However, there are a ton of cannabis strains that each have different effects. Some types have such low amounts of THC that they produce little to no influence on the brain.

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Cannabis Promotes Laziness

At this point, the rumor that cannabis makes people lazy is widespread. It’s faulty, though, and is only based on a general idea, a stereotype if you will. Many individuals report that this drug makes them tired and sedentary. However, there’s a bit of confusion regarding this report.

The effects that marijuana can provoke depend on a few factors. You need to consider the type of strain, dosage of THC, and method of intake. Believe it or not, the effect that marijuana has on your mood, energy, and state of mind varies based on the variables above. It might make you tired while, in other instances, provide you with a boost of energy.

Cannabis is Addictive

Cannabis addiction is possible in only one of two ways. You can fall into a psychological or physical dependence or a combination of both. There is no evidence that THC causes physiological alterations that promote addiction to marijuana. However, mental effects are quite prevalent.

Psychological fixation on marijuana is not only possible but very common. Instead of the typical reliance on stimuli from a neurological substance, like with cigarettes, cannabis changes how you view and interact with the world. This altered perception gives way to a plethora of excuses to abuse the drug. Most say it helps them relax, focus, or fall asleep.

Cannabis Leads to Other Drugs

Many consider marijuana to be a gateway drug. However, this is far from the truth. Users that try cannabis and then pass over to heavier substances are few and far between. The path to more dangerous drugs typically depends on a person’s habits and personality.

You Can’t Overdose on Cannabis

Overdosing is a serious problem. Drugs like cocaine and heroin are infamous for causing death in its users. Cannabis doesn’t share in this fame. However, you can overdose on marijuana. It won’t kill you directly, but it can lead to death if misused.

An overdose of THC leads to exacerbated effects on perception, judgment, and coordination. The combined impact of these changes can put a user in harm’s way. Many assume it’s safe to drive under the influence of marijuana, but this is untrue. Controlling heavy machinery while high is almost as dangerous as doing so while drunk.


So there you have it, not every strain of cannabis gives you a high or promotes laziness. There is yet to be enough scientific proof that it is addictive and can lead to other drugs. However, you can overdose if you ingest too much, so as with anything, moderation is the key.