CBD is widely known for its capacity to provide relief to a number of ailments and conditions. It is known to increase the body's anandamide—which is a compound that helps regulate pain perception, therefore improving one's mood. 

Such products come in many forms. It has a topical product variation that can effectively manage any symptoms, such as pain or inflammation. It also has an edible version, capsule, tea, and other ingestible forms! In this article, we will look into how CBD products can help women experiencing dysmenorrhea.

Understanding How Menstrual Pain Occurs

When a woman is in her menstrual period, her uterus contracts to ease up the shedding of the uterus lining. In this shedding, compounds called prostaglandins get released. When there is excess in this compound, the process can cause pain!

A woman may feel pain, such as cramps and a little discomfort, which are completely normal to feel. Unfortunately for some, this pain may become excruciating, leading to painful menstruation or dysmenorrhea. 

There is no definite cause for having painful periods, but women under the following categories often suffer from it:

  • Those who are below 20 years of age
  • Those who smoke
  • Those who have irregular periods
  • Those who have heavy periods
  • Those who never had a baby
  • Those whose family have a history of dysmenorrhea

When a woman suffers from the condition, they are often disregarded or not taken seriously due to societal issues. Instead of a dedicated solution for the repeated problem, women are given the following temporary solutions:

  • Warm compress
  • Painkillers/ anti-inflammatory pain medication
  • Hormonal birth control pills

The cramps often appear on the first day up to the third day of the period, and usually begin on the first six months to a year after a woman gets her first period. For some people, the cramps may be unnoticeable and usually come and go, but it may occur more frequently for others!

When experiencing dysmenorrhea, a woman's daily activities can get affected. Some even cannot get up, whereas others feel severe headache and body pains.

How CBD Can Help With Menstrual Cramps

The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are proven to help reduce the pain one feels when experiencing chronic conditions, such as dysmenorrhea. When one intakes or applies CBD oil, it can target receptors in the uterine muscle tissues, resulting in reduced swelling and pain, and more relaxed contractions. 

Here are some of the many ways a CBD can help manage a period cramps symptoms:

  • Helps reduce tenderness in parts of the body that experience pain, irritation, and discomfort, such as the stomach, chest, and lower back;
  • Improves digestion which can positively affect the tummy area, saving it from extreme abdominal cramping or the bloated feeling; and
  • Reduces inflammation when it interacts with the brain's neurotransmitters.

You can use ingestible CBD or topicals, such as CBD oil or CBD balms. Topicals are the most popular product type when it comes to period pains. A product application can immediately provide direct relief to the affected body part experiencing pain. 

A woman can enjoy all these benefits without getting a high feeling usually associated with hemp products.


While CBD cannot fully stop a woman's uterus from contracting during her period, it can effectively reduce the pain they suffer from. Apart from reduced pain, it can lessen inflammation, nausea, and help them have better digestive functions. All these can help fight back the painful cramps caused by menstruation! 

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