Whenever someone decides to start taking CBD, they have a lot of options in terms of consumption. CBD users must be able to take it the way they best see fit. Wanting convenience in this situation is definitely sensible.

One thing should be noted early on: any anxiety about getting high or stoned from products with CBD is invalid. It is impossible to get high or stoned from CBD oil and the like, and it is perfectly legal to consume in the United Kingdom. 

What are some ways that people can consume CBD?

CBD Capsules

There is little to no explanation required for this one. When you go this route for your CBD consumption, you'll be able to avoid tasting any hemp. Usually, this is taken with food. Most people start with one tablet, then work their way up to two or three.

Dosage-wise, a capsule or two per day will let the CBD enter your system. That's around 10mg per tablet, a key dose for most people who use it across the board. It's fine to take on an empty stomach, but it's just better with food.


This oil is made using hemp that is low in THC and high in, well, CBD. Hemp has THC in trace amounts at most, which means there is no possibility of mind alteration or getting you high at all. Aside from being natural, the oil is also non-toxic. It's intended for both new and more experienced CBD users.

The dosage varies per person, though the average is anywhere from 10 to 20mg on a daily basis.

It usually comes in a spray bottle, and taking it just requires spraying under your tongue. After holding it in your mouth for around a minute, you can then swallow it. Note that it's more of an acquired taste, and since it's natural, it can come off as quite "earthy.” This is perfectly normal and can be addressed by simply drinking a glass of water. You can also use candy or something similar that you can chew fairly quickly.


CBD consumed this way is usually found in the form of gummy bears. 


The quickest way for CBD to enter your system is definitely through vaping. This is because it can go through the lungs directly, which then leads it into your bloodstream. As a bonus, the deep breathing that comes with vaping allows for relaxation.

The e-juice that's made from CBD oil generally has a rather upfront use. How much of it you consume on a daily basis will largely rely on what kind of vape product you have. For those who are using the pen type, do remember to replace your coil and/or tank every so often.


Consuming CBD is legal in the UK, largely because you can't get high or stoned from it. There are a wide plethora of choices that users can make in terms of how they consume their CBD. Some of the most popular ones include CBD oil and vaping.

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