Cornwall and its residents are very lucky, not only do they have great scenery and culture they also have a wealth of alternative people in the duchy who have long been known for being ahead of the curve. Quintessential is no different - we are the definitive heart of the Cornish cannabis and hemp scene with over 30 years of trading history and wealth of connections and expertise in the industry that have been developed ethically with the consumers' well-being in mind. This is another reason that Cornwall's residents are lucky - they have the biggest selection of CBD oils, Cannabis oils and associated products on the market in the UK on their doorstep and not only that - Quintessential has created a world first and it's been done using local Cornish businesses which is a massive achievement for Cornwall even if our local media will not cover it - we have produced Cornwall's first CBD oil, and we have packaged it in pure hemp, something no other manufacturer can do or will do because of the cost - we have done all this and kept prices as low as possible for the end consumer which solidifies our commitment to the hemp and cannabis plants in way that shows true authenticity. The use of hemp and cannabis is all important to the world, and we,  small Cornish family business are proud to lead the way. 

Cornish Botanical CBD Oils Cornwall


You can purchase anything from our website and receive free UK delivery or pop into our CBD shop in Truro @ Quintessential bricks and mortar store. We also run a compassionate delivery service for the elderly and infirm but please contact us for more info - we can't always do it but if we can we will, and we have driven all over rural Cornwall dropping off CBD oils for people who are desperately in need at no cost to them further spreading the love of the hemp plant to those who might not be internet savvy or are scared of first time use. As BHA Founder members (British Hemp Association) we are committed to providing quality products and service to the UK and Cornish Cannabis community of which we have been  focal part of for a long long time.  So if you wish to buy botanical products made products from a Cornish business - you know were to go. Quintessential is Cornwall's one stop Cannabis and hemp shop.