Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to another Quintessential Tips product blog, this time on our experience running a small shop at Glastonbury and coming home to live in  a right wing fascist state. Yes that is right we had a small stall at Glasto 2016 and we also left the European union in favour of higher taxes, lies regarding the NHS and not forgetting the human waves of immigrants that are literally everywhere. I for one struggled to get to work this morning because of the amount of johnny foreigners around - oh yeah that is right we call them tourists. But lets start on a light note and talk about Glastonbury as its much nicer than how we are all pawns in the great game.


 Choose Eu - festival Goers at Glastonbury 2016 make a statement


So we arrived on Wednesday this year and actually got entrance to the site in 20 mins which by all accounts was incredibly lucky considering some poor souls where in queues for over 8 hours since early the night before. Any way wristband got collected an we made our way to the Greenfield where we where very lucky to be given a crew camping by the glorious people of the Green fields. So long story short we had an ace time with great camping and a lot less mud then most had to deal with. We opened our small stall selling Quintessential Tips roach books , rolling papers and assorted head supplies and for the few days it did well and we met some very lovely people who had nothing but kind words which made our day. I suppose it helped being in the field down from the stone circle so all those who lost everything is a debauched state could pop along and refuel with us.

But alongside the awesome event that Glastonbury is, there was also some bad news with the festival waking up on Friday to the news that the nations idiots, racists and uneducated masses had voted to leave the EU in favour of nothing.... but according to them they now have there country back.... from what, i am still trying to work out. but they have it back and that is the main thing. Now as we have seen the lies and the half truth's where rampant. The thing I find most amusing though is the poor people who voted leave did not have a clue why they were voting leave, with arguments going around that it will be just better blah blah blah. only as usual the poor people will continue to lose out and now the elite can frack your back garden and there is nothing you can do. And if you enjoyed the NHS you can kiss that goodbye as the leave elites are more interested in privatising it. There is loads more things i could say but as usual the main stream media peddled its lies at the request of its masters. And guess what, attacks on people and business of different colour are increasing from walking lobotomy rejects who are taking out there own meaningless existence out on people of a different race. Let me be clearer - Of course the UK should make its own rules at not answer to any one but to leave now and hand our country over to right wing fascists is the biggest mistake of our time, at least that is what I believe. 


A true legend - how many other MP's did this

The country is divided and is been helped along every step of the way by the Murdoch press machine and other bought and paid for mass media outlets. So people talk to your neighbours and friends and help spread the word about the situation, as long as people are made to feel fear at the hands of the media there is no democracy. Join the labour party and support Jeremy Corbyn if you want a better future that does not revolve around working till you die to pay for rich people luncheons. They say he's unelectable and people believe it, imagine if they told you he was electable - dont a be a sheep, make your own mind up and read between the lines. Look at the picture above, is he not the man who should be leader!!!