Tightvac products are a food storage device that has been widely received by both the food industry and the smoking accessories market making this one of those products made for something else but has real time uses by the smokers and tokers of the world and as such the demand for these items is massive. After all why spend your hard earned money on a product only to let it dry out and get harsh etc.  The Food Safe TightVac containers come handily enough in a large range of colours and sizes, and are ideal for the storage of an enormous range of dry and fresh goods, food products and supplements for humans and animals, in domestic and commercial capacities. basically if you need to store something and you want it fresh when you take it out then Tightvac is the only way.


TightVac Smokers Accessories - Air tight Herb Storage

The simple patented valve closure system enables the TightVac to be opened and closed quickly and easily creating a totally airtight, water resistant and smell proof seal allowing you to transport your desired herbs in a safe and easy way with no spillage.  This means you can considerably extend the shelf life of the contents by months, and are even suitable for storing and prolonging the life of fresh food when used in the Fridge. Dont delay grab on today and see why they are a smokers must have accessory.


 tightvac airtight container

If you needed any more reasons to use a tight Vac product then your crazy but dont despair their are still many reasons to use these great products. for example each tight Vac product is Airtight, Smell proof. BPA free and EU approved making it not only a usable product worth more than its weight to the food and head shop industry its also ethical and the fact its BPA free for me is a massive selling point, do some research and discover why you do not want BPA products in your life.


 Tightvac assorted sized storage containers


Smell Proof
BPA free
Food grade polystyrene
EU approved
Fully recyclable (grade 6)
10 different sizes from 0.6Ltr to 10Ltr
5 different colours, pawprint overlays or clear with coloured lids.