CBD vape oil, edibles, and tinctures are all the rage right now. However, nothing beats the feeling of rolling a joint and enjoying its raw benefits. While there are many pre-rolled brands out there in the market, there are still those who prefer rolling their own joint because of the flexibility it brings.

Nowadays, rolling a joint is no longer just an experience. It’s been elevated as an art form. There are dozens of ways now to roll a joint, some more peculiar than others. Here are some examples of rolling styles from the pros that you can try to emulate.

3 Creative Ways to Roll a Joint Like a Pro

The Classic

To roll a basic joint, you must first ensure that your material has an even consistency, then distribute it over a long piece of paper. Take the filter or the crutch and insert it on the left side of your mix. Pick everything up and start rolling gently outwards using your thumbs and forefingers. It’s essential to make sure that the weed is placed evenly throughout the joint before you tuck it with the help of your thumbs. Wrap the excess paper around the edge. Finally, wet the glue and seal the joint.

This one’s easy enough to learn but hard to master. All in all, there’s nothing like learning the traditional way of rolling joints.

The Shotgun Joint

If you want to double down on some ganja, the shotgun joint would be the perfect method for you. This has nothing to do with the shotgun style of smoking, where you blow back the smoke into someone else’s mouth.

Using what you’ve learned about the classic way of rolling, you apply the same principles here with a slight difference. You need to take two pieces of rolling paper and reduce their width by about a quarter. Don’t forget to cut away on the side without the gum. Proceed in rolling both joints as you would normally.

Now you have two slightly smaller joints rolled. Next is to take a full-sized rolling paper and wrap it around the two spliffs you just made, essentially sealing them together. The result is a double joint reminiscent of the end of a double-barrel shotgun.

The Bottle Joint

The bottle joint can be a little complex as it uses multiple pieces of rolling paper. But all that effort is worth all the trouble since you can create a bigger piece for an extended experience. Start by sticking two papers together and rolling them like a tube or a cylinder. Don’t put any weed in just yet. Once the cylinder is made, seal one end with a couple of glue strips, making it the bottle’s base. Once it’s sealed, fill it with weed.

To make the bottle neck, you just have to roll a basic joint using the classic method. Once that’s done, remove the excess paper from the tip of the basic joint and affix it to the open end of the cylinder you made earlier. This connects both open ends and just seal it using a couple more glue strips. Make sure it’s tight and sealed. The filter of the regular joint you made should be at the tip or the mouth of the bottle. The only thing left to do is to light it up and enjoy all those CBD benefits.


Those are just a few examples of joint rolling techniques that you should learn to do if you want to impress your friends or just enjoy a different experience. Be sure you practice these techniques first before showing off.

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