Just a quick blog to let you all know that @ Quintessential in Truro Cornwall you can buy any e-liquid or vape product you require from all the best manufacturers. we are incredibly lucky to have good connection to all the biggest and best wholesalers and we are not tied into a certain product range. We keep a selection in stock of e-liquids and hardware plus coils etc but can get pretty much any vape product on next day delivery from our suppliers meaning you dont have to be restricted by what Cornwall has to offer.


E-Cig Brands hardware we can get include Aspire, Council of Vapour, Diamond mist, Flatwire UK, Innokin, Kangertech, Limitless Mod Company, Sigelei, Smok, Tesla, Efest & Nitecore Chargers & Batteries and other assorted vape e-cigarette tech



E - liquid or E juices we stock or can have in our shop very quickly include the following ranges. Alien Vape, Amplified, Cheap thrills, City Vape, Coffee Dunked Donut, Creme de la creme, Dinner Lady,  Doozy Vape Co - Classic, Doozy Vape Co - Frootylife, Doozy Vape Co - Frozen Mist, Eco vape Dripping range, Eco Vape Milkshake Range, Eco Vape - Psycho Bunny, Eco Vape - Taste of America Range,  Elements E-liquid- dripper range, elements E-liquid - Far range, Enthusiast, Flavour Switch, French Dude, Fried Cream Cakes, King of the clouds, Laquid, Magic Island, Miami Drip Club, Mythos, Ohm Ali, Original Canoli, Pancake man, Pink Doozie, Pink Squeezed, Pom, Simply Vapour, The captains reserve, Tornado Pro, Vape Cola, Way of the dragon e-liquids, Wat a Waffle - E-juice, Zap -e-liquids.


If you live in Cornwall and are sick of being slave to what your local vape store has then pop in and see us, we are competitive on price and are happy to help and assist where possible including being very happy to help new vape users or those looking to start for the first time. We also stock the biggest selection of CBD oils, Terpene infused CBD crystals and crumbles and of course CBD e-liquids and dab products

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Moira Wingate on

Please can you tell me what CBD oil you have for Vaping. For example flavours and strengths, also what size bottles it comes in with prices. Thank you
Moira Wingate

Dawson on

I am strongly tempted to try some CBD oil . My dog has gone totally blind overnight without any previous signs . Vet said possible brain tumour or brain inflamation. Scans too expensive . As all eye and major stat tests were normal . He has seven days to start responding or its time to be euthanased . I’m hearbroken . His life quality has gone if he remains blind .

Lyn Jones on

Would just like to say how helpful all the staff are it’s always
a pleasure to come into the shop.

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