Hey all you smokers and tokers - there are a brand new range of Element rolling smoking papers hitting the UK marketplace this week and they are made by Elements who you will already know as a great alternative to the more mainstream and commercialised RAW products that have expanded beyond need in recent years. The elements range however are one of my favourite smoking papers to use - not only are they super thin and made from rice paper but they have one of the best water marks in the business that let the p[aper burn down smoothly and slowly with no sideburns or runs which can annoy smoking connoisseurs.  These new release rolling smoking papers are perfect for the roll your own enthusiast that likes the finer things of the smoking accessories market.

 Elements smoking papers slow burning hemp new 2017

The New slow burn hemp papers come with the same quality your used to when buying element rolling papers but instead of rice paper these new red ones are made from natural hemp giving them an authenticity all of there own. They come in 3 handy sizes for the everyday roll up smoker including king size slim, single wide and 1  1/4 or Spanish size as they are also known. These products along with all rolling papers and smoking products should only be bought from trusted sellers and re sellers as unfortunately there are quite a few shysters around and you should check out our trusted sellers page for info on UK websites and shops who have proven themselves as trusted businesses. If they are not on our list stay the hell away from their website unless you want to have fraud issues and problems with poor service.  Quintessential Emporium will be opening very shortly as well and will have the biggest and cheapest selection of smoking rolling papers and all the head shop supplies from vapes to e-liquids and much more so you can buy in confidence from people who have been in the trade and now how to do business. In the meantime until we open the new site we recommend only buying smoking papers or any paraphernalia from Alibongo or Everyone does it.