Hello People

Welcome to another mind blowing blog from us in Truro @ Quintessential Tips. Its been a wee while since our last blog and we have been so busy its getting hard to find any spare time however today we make time to let you know about a brand new product range that we have on our site. This mythical product range is none other than the famous Synergy of Nature which is probably the finest artisan CBD extractions on the market in the UK today.


But what is Synergy's range all about and will it be of any use to you as a CBD or cannabinoid consumer. we where lucky enough to receive some lovely samples from John over at synergy and these included crystals in the pineapple express variety and the blueberry headband variety and a vape pen with a orange crush refill cartridge. Since we got these product samples we have been testing and trying them out and the general consensus is that this is a keeper.


We have never before tried any cbd products that taste like this and the cbd extractions have been infused with the real cannabis strains terpene profile to create a real and authentic smell and taste that is an absolute pleasure to dab and vape. We even had one guy buy some to use with his roll ups ( we dont recommend this). Basically after being in the CBD game since the beginning we have not encountered a range of products that flip our lid so much. 


This is not the first cannabis flavored cbd product on the UK market however its the first one to use the real strains terpene profile, if you have ever tried early cannabis flavored e-liquids or products you will know they generally where and are awful thanks to being made with synthetic flavorings that hint at the real thing but are so far from being believable that they are gimmicks bought once, used a handful of times and never re purchased. My personal favorite is the OG Kush crumble - it tastes like the real deal OG strain and is very relaxing.


If you have been looking to make your own authentic cannabis strain e-liquids & e-juices then this product is perfect to blend with your own base liquid, be it PG or VG. Can you imagine how cool it will be to wonder around blowing massive clouds of vapor that taste and smell like the real deal while ingesting your favorite cannabinoids - yeah pretty cool right. Take your time read reviews and check out Synergy of nature - its a great range of products designed for the cannabinoid, dab and vape connoisseur.