Hello Good People

This is a short message to let all you guys and girls know that the Dr Greenloves CBD Tea will be back in store for sale on Monday or Tuesday (9th-10th) which is great news that many of you have been waiting for. Stock amounts will be limited so please be aware of this - i believe we have 400 boxes coming but that will not last long sadly as demand is is much bigger than supply. 


CBD Tea UK - Restock news


The bad news is that the manufacturer have increase prices by £1 due to exchange issues - this means the CBD Tea will now be £8.45 for a pack instead of the original price of £7.45.  If this changes at any point we will reduce in line with the manufacturers decreases and will notify you all via this blog section of our website and also through our social media platforms. This is the UK's best reviewd and rated CBD Tea and we are very happy after it's long wait that it will be coming back for sale as many many people use this on a daily basis.