People craving a natural pick-me-upper that offers a wide range of health-boosting benefits can take a bite out of CBD edibles, a tasty treat infused with the compound’s anxiolytic and medicinal properties.

Out of all the methods of consuming CBD - from traditional ones like smoking to trends like CBD coffee & Tea - edibles seem to be a go-to favorite thanks to their delightful longevity and ease of use. 

Whether it comes in the form of gummy bears, dried fruit, granola bars, chocolate, smoothies, pizza, and the classic “space” brownies, munching on CBD edibles are sure to give your mind and body a healthy feast.

How Long Before the Effects of the CBD Manifest? 

Despite being one of the most fun ways to maximize the effects of CBD, edibles can easily fool people into taking more than they can take. This is because the compounds take time before it fully interacts with the body since it will first have to go through your digestive system, which means it can take longer than usual to feel its magic. 

With that being said, it’s important to understand that there is no hard number that dictates when you would feel its effects. Different people have unique experiences, and the variations are primarily due to the following factors that affect the CBD’s longevity: 

1. Diet 

Seeing as edibles will break down in your digestive system, the meals you take on the day will greatly affect how long the effects will take effect and last. Eating edibles on an empty stomach can yield faster results, but generally speaking, it’s always healthier to take it after meals. 

If you want to maximize the effects, eating oily meals can prove fruitful since fatty foods can boost your CBD absorption. 

2. Metabolism 

If your body processes food faster thanks to your metabolism, then it makes sense that edibles will also break down quicker. Similarly, the effects may also fade away sooner than expected, ending within the four-hour mark compared to the usual six to eight hours.

3. Dosage or Potency

Of course, the higher the concentration of your edibles, the longer it will peak in your bloodstream. 

The Bottom Line: Indulging in Tasty CBD and Maximizing its Health-Boosting Effects

CBD edibles offer a delicious treat that can help ease your condition or mood in more ways than one. There’s a colorful selection in the market with varying dosages and potency, but it’s important for medical users to do their homework when it comes to munching on these toothsome supplements.

It’s easy to go overboard with edibles since their effects typically kick in slower than any other CBD absorption methods, so be sure to eat with caution and only build up the amount with full confidence after you give it some time to process. 

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