Thanks to the widespread acceptance of cannabidiol (CBD) throughout the UK, at least for the time being. The production and development of related products are at their all-time-high, even more so for CBD oils.

Often regarded as the purest form of hemp and marijuana themselves, CBD oil has amassed a significant amount of popularity in recent years because of its wide range of potential benefits, accessibility, and convenience. Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of alternative medicine or a long-time enthusiast, there’s no doubt this product is perfect for your needs.

Today, you can choose from hundreds of different manufacturers in the UK alone and thousands of different products, all of which have their own potencies, price points, and purities. However, amid all the available options and their respective benefits, there’s just one problem that may come up: It can be difficult to spot high-quality options from low-quality ones.

Buying a bottle of CBD oil? Here’s what you should watch out for

Although having an assortment of CBD oil products to choose from is a great thing, it still pays to ensure that you’re getting a bang for your buck. Unfortunately, this same advantage also proves to be a hindrance because of all the additional guesswork that comes with it––unless you consider the right factors.

If you’re thinking about stocking up on some oil soon, here are three different signs of a high-quality CBD oil that you should watch out for:

Sign #1: You can see the amount of CBD in the product right on the label

One of the most surprising factors that set great CBD oil products apart from subpar or regular ones is the presence of transparency regarding the cannabidiol content. If you were to take dozens of bottles of CBD oil and put them side-by-side, you’d be able to tell the good apples apart from the bad ones based on the fact that better-quality options disclose how much CBD is in them. While there are many factors to consider when determining if a bottle is worth your money, any oil with a listed 250–1000mg of the proprietary component per 10ml is a great place to start! 

Sign #2: It’s extracted using supercritical CO₂

Today, oils that are extracted with top-quality solvents are highly-acclaimed in the UK CBD market because of the quality they yield, especially when it comes to supercritical CO₂. Compared to other solvents, supercritical CO₂ is an essential component of CBD production and consumption because of how well it ticks all the boxes of a near-perfect process. Through the help of this material, not only is a safe extract produced every time with far more benefits involved, but it also does so without including any nasty residues or additives in the mix. 

Sign #3: It is back up by independent test results

When you purchase CBD oil, one of the most viable sources of information that you can rely on is the results from tests conducted with them, especially if they’re from independent testing facilities. It may not seem like much at first, but the ability and integrity of a company to post results after they had their products verified by independent testing facilities is a direct reflection of why you should trust them. Such is the case with Quintessential Tip’s extensive range of products that are all backed by results from independent research and testing facilities!


With CBD products becoming more available than ever, it pays to ensure that you’re investing in the right options that best suit your needs, especially when it comes to meeting quality standards. Thankfully, watching out for the three signs mentioned above will point you in the right direction and help ensure that you’re getting a bang for your buck with every product that you enjoy! 

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