Terpenes are a term thrown around in the world of botany, while mostly being discussed in the context of the cannabis plant or aromatherapy. This botanical quality is a naturally occurring aromatic compound that is normally found in marijuana, pine, lavender, and other strongly scented plants and their fruits. While there are over 30,000 natural renditions of this quality found in nature, they are found to be heavily concentrated in marijuana, as these contain over a hundred different terpenes. The vast number of strains contain a mix of terpene types and different compositions, which contain numerous health benefits for humans.

There are different ways to consume terpenes. With cannabis, it is normally seen in movies and television that it is smoked and inhaled to produce an effect. Newer renditions of its use involve the ingestion of it, whether it be through edible products or CBD oils that you place in your mouth and swallow. Keep in mind that different people have different reactions to the cannabis plant and each method. Some may not be able to smoke marijuana due to lung problems, while others may find that the oils do not work as efficiently as inhalation methods.

A Brief Guide to Terpenes and Their Proper Uses

The guide to inhalation of terpenes

Through smoking or vaping cannabis products, it has been found that heating elements remove the fragile elements of terpenes in the process. Despite this, smoking has and still will be the most common method used to consume the marijuana flower. Vaping has been shown to be better for conserving the best parts of terpenes, as vape mods often contain variable wattage capabilities that can preserve the number of terpenes during consumption. This gives the user more of the potential benefits from the plant, but there is no doubt that traditional smoking methods using rolling papers or other devices can be just as beneficial. Depending on the strain being used, they can have different potencies, therefore making them better suited for smoking or vaping.

The guide to eating terpenes

While there are multiple ways to ingest terpenes, such as chewable products like gummies and brownies and using oils to administer CBD, the true impacts of edibles are still quite mysterious. This does not mean that they are necessarily bad, but more on the fact that there has not been enough research done on terpene ingestion to discover the true impacts. In fact, terpene ingestion can just be checked off as something like eating the fruit off a tree, since terpenes are naturally occurring ingredients of plants. Most natural ingredients are good for humans, and terpenes have shown amazing results when smoked. With a purer form of terpenes in certain products such as in oil products, there are likely to be more health benefits.

It is recommended that beginner users start with a three per cent concentration with oils if making it themselves and increase slowly in half per cent increments to study their reactions.

What we know so far about terpenes

While terpenes do appear on many plants in the botanical sphere, the unique aroma and flavours found in marijuana have the most dominant terpenes out of all. These terpenes are what affect the potency and different effects of the cannabis consumed. They can often be associated with being the “steering wheel” that determines the direction and intensity of the high experienced by each strain, while THC and CBD determine how strongly the psychoactive high will be felt. With a wide range of strains that have been bred and grown throughout the decades, the different kinds of cannabis on the market are so varied and offer multiple health benefits.


In the world of cannabis use, multiple strains exist and host different reactions to different people. The best part is that there are methods of use that can be used by anyone who seeks to try the magical properties of the marijuana plant. Whether it be through smoking or through ingesting edibles, these have proven to have some kind of benefit towards health and daily performance. With the variety of products available on the market, it wouldn’t hurt to give these products a try.

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