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On the look out for some cool and new rolling papers? Getting bored of using the same old tired Rizla then its time to read our blog and find out what rolling papers are worth using in 2016. From king-size to regular single wide rolling smoking papers the roll your own market has exploded and it even has dedicated websites devoted to selling rolling papers and there accompaniments and nothing else so the market must be strong. As usual stay away from ebay or Amazon to ensure you dont buy fakes and only buy from reviewed recommended websites like this one... Rolling Paper Depot if you are in the USA or Ali Bongo if in UK. There are more good retailers but check reviews toensure you are not ripped off or sold old fake products.


 Smoking hand rolling papers


By using one of our recommended retailers you are ensuring you only buy official stock and no one wants a cheap imitation rolling paper instead of the high end organic smoking paper they thought they where buying. By purchasing high end smoking accessory products you are ensuring that your smoking experience will be of the best quality and of course the damage done will be less than from a chlorine filled bleached smoking paper.  Our personal recommendations are OCB & the Smoking Brand for a quality rolling paper. We dont use un organic papers as they simply are not that good imho, i know controversial right....nah not really, I like the smoking organic range but I find non organic paper does not even come close to an organic paper but each to there own and if it works for you go for it. just know that a good rolling smoking paper can make the flavours of what you are smoking much cleaner and gives a pure taste without a nasty paper backdrop.


 Smoking Organic hand rolling papers - kingsize

Also 2016 has seen the death of the shine gold rolling papers brand, i know, i know 2014 called and wanted there gimmick back hahahah but did they, because they seem to of evolved in the last year with a new brand emerging from the ether to take its place as the hippest and  coolest smoking products to own on the market and that is the Hip Organic Pure Hemp Hand Made 24K GOLD Rolling Paper. And what a difference this new gold rolling paper makes from the last ones by shine, in comparison the Hip papers are made to a very high standard and packaged in a way that sells the item visually  Upon seeing these gold gilded papers, you would think there would be an unavoidable metallic sensation and taste like you got when smoking with a shine gold paper. However, I found them to have a pure, sweet vanilla taste and smell, that lent greatly to the smooth smoking experience you get with a Hip Gold paper. 


Hip Organic Hemp pure gold rolling papers


 HIP smoking papers has clearly made certain that their packaging reflects the quality and perception of their products. The smoking papers are accompanied by cool wristbands, certification cards, and a stash bag that are all finished in the company’s straightforward black and shiny gold style. This is a far cry from the other cheaper looking gold papers that are available. If you are thinking about buying a gold smoking rolling paper then make it a Hip paper to avoid unwanted disappointment. 


 Hip Gold organic rolling papers-vanilla flavour


2016 is about ethical quality over gimmick quantity and in the world of smoking rolling papers the truth is out. clean habits and healthy living is the new way forward, even the gold smoking papers of 2016 need to be organic. Not even a gimmick like gold papers can escape the growing trend to be as natural and additive free as possible. Join us in only smoking with the very best rolling papers and dont forget that every joint needs a quintessential organic hemp roach tip or crutch used, its the ethical way to smoke and enjoy natures bounty.