Hello good people and welcome a to another Quintessential Tips blog, this time on the world famous water based therapy known as Watsu. Watsu is by far one of the most relaxing experiences I personally have ever tried or encountered and traditional massages or relaxation techniques are just not the same once you have had a water session. The internet describes Watsu therapy as a gentle form of body therapy performed in warm body temp water, (around 35°C.) It combines elements of massage, joint mobilisation, shiatsu, muscle stretching and dance, all things that relax basically. The receiver is continuously supported while being floated, cradled, rocked and stretched until a feeling of bliss is reached. In reality though while the above describes the therapy as best it can, the truth is it is possibly the most divine experience you will have and i am not just saying that to get you to try it. its not like a massage or a rub down at the local gym, this is a high end experience that is made even better via the skill and dedication of Roger & Noam who have dedicated themselves to your relaxation and well-being. They have a created such a wonderful space to get the treatment that as soon as you meet them and enter their dome you will feel totally at ease.   


 Watsu Ibiza water dance


The Watsu experience that now resides in Ibiza actually has it roots in Goa where owner and head therapist Roger White created one of the most serene and inviting pools to ever be used as a Watsu treatment centre. It has now moved to the charming and very popular island of Ibiza in Spain and has a massive following of clients who have had life altering experiences through the power of watsu. Sounds a bit far fetched, I mean we have all had massages and sure they where great, but how many people will tell you that their experience was life altering. Well in Rogers & Noams case many people feel this way as what you will experience is totally unique and not something you are likely to of tried before and certainly not something you will forget in a hurry. After all if a massage treatment on dry land is relaxing just wait till you try it in water with natural lighting during the day and an underwater sound system and advanced mood lighting for sensual night time sessions. In short you need to try this, were do you think Ibiza's high society go to relax after a hectic weekends partying in some of the worlds best nightclubs, you guessed it, Watsu Ibiza.


 Watsu Ibiza geodesic dome

Watsu Ibiza is based at 07840 Santa Eulalia Del Río, Islas Baleares, Spain and Watsu® and Waterdance® are the gentle forms of aquatic bodywork they offer. The intuitive and intimate approach combines elements of ‘CranioSacral Therapy in Water™,massage, pressure points, stretching and fluid movement to free your body and mind in ways impossible on land. its deeply satisfying and a wholesome way to get the blissful feeling we all require. treatments last approximately 90 mins and dont require the ability to swim so there is nothing to hold back non swimmers from trying this treatment. In many ways this is a great way to learn to feel safe in the water if swimming or water scares you. You wont learn to swim but you will learn to feel safe while Roger guides you through what may be one of your life's most relaxing experiences.