As smokers we all acquire over time a nice assortment of smoking tools and gubbins that come in and out of fashion and use but our main smoking accessory tools usually always include a lighter, rolling smoking papers of various sizes, gauze, pokies, grinders and of course Quintessential Roach tips. But all that stuff can be messy and hard to keep together in one area in a stylish manner so of course as a connoisseur smoker a rolling box or wallet is a much needed requirement. Of course if you are just a small smoker then a smoking tin is perfectly usable to store your tobacco, rolling papers, filters and a lighter. Below are some of our best loved rolling paper associated products from Wolf production boxes to tins. Have a look through and dont forget to click the links to get the very best prices on all smoking related accessories from roach tips to rolling papers and beyond, Quintessential Emporium is the cheapest retailer on the market for these cool and collectable smoking products.


Wolf Production Boxes 


As rolling boxes go Wolf productions is the market leader by a long way, many have copied and so far none have even come close to there uncompromising design and build quality. Available in 2 different finishes, the Wolf rolling boxes are a great way to keep all your best loved and used tools together in a handy stylish box that will fit in to any front room coffee table with ease and look like its always been there.  Dont waste time or money on cheaper inferior copied rolling boxes, if you count yourself as a smoking expert connoisseur and not a noob then without doubt you need one of these boxes in your life. The glorious T5 pictured below is a stunning example of craftsmanship and innovative design that is lockable and separated by magnetised lids. easy to use and easy to fall in love with, this is Wolf productions at the best. Get one today direct from Quintessential Emporium at the best prices.


Wolf T5 Deluxe Smoking rolling boxes


Smoking Tins


Smoking tins are nothing new but they are handy to use and take with you on the go and as far as the evolution of smoking tins go Quintessential Tips has done it again with the wooden topped tins that are elegant, stylish and much nicer to use and own then the regular generic picture tins. The Quintessential Wooden topped tins use a innovative wooden sticker that is thicker than normal stickers made from wood. The grain of the wood shows through giving the tins a rustic yet stylish finish and is a perfect present for any outdoors type of smoker be it male or female who like natural looking things in the world.



Rolling Kit Hemp Wallets by Wolf Productions


Another great product made by legendary smoking accessory manufacturers wolf production, these rolling tobacco wallets are very easy to use and transport fitting into a pocket or backpack with ease. The R1 is a Small, Pocket sized, black hemp folding rolling kit – 14cm x 5cm x 2.5cm. Available in Black and Grey. Rolling connoisseurs on the move will love using this easy going rolling kit as it holds everything you need with zero hassle. The Original Roll Tray’ was conceived out of a smoky student bedroom in Scotland in late 1999 – a rehashed old cigar box – much deliberated, much discussed (and now much loved). The Original Roll Tray brought together all necessary components for rolling and keeping all your smoking paraphernalia neatly and tidily in one small, yet perfectly formed box that has become the best known smoking boxes on the smoking accessory market to date.


Wolf productions hemp rolling wallets R1



Assorted Rolling Trays 


Rolling trays are becoming big business thanks to the folk across the pond in the good old USA who like to have a table and knee top friendly container to hold all the smoking utensils and smoking accessories that are commonly used by the smoking and dabbing market. Available in different Sizes these rolling tobacco trays are often emblazoned with funky designs or like the one below Wiz Kahlifa mug shot. If you want a tray make sure you visit Quintessential Emporium for the best smoking accessory prices on the market.


Wiz Kahlifa Tobacco Rolling trays