Organic rolling smoking papers are everywhere these days and so they should be as long gone are the days of having Rizla greens and sticking together a L plate or if you had deep pockets a 3 skinner. No, today rolling papers have many options and styles but the main one is that they are made from sustainable and organic materials with natural glues and no bleaches or chlorine used. Although there are many available as ever there are only a few worth buying. Below is our list of what you definitely want in your smokers arsenal. Make sure you only buy online from either of the these 2 companies to ensure you dont get ripped off or you card details cloned and re used. The only 2 internet rolling paper companies you can trust are Ali Bongo & Everyonedoesit. We expressly dont recommend using anyone else to buy rolling smoking papers within the UK. The rolling papers we are talking about today are all kingsize slim and made organic to a high standard. Mix any of these high quality smoking papers with any one of our smoking roach tips for a smooth and effortless smoke that's a high quality experience unlike any other. Dont settle for badly made roach tips or rolling papers, get the best and never look back.


Smoking Organic King size Slim Rolling papers


The Smoking brand in their infinite wisdom donate part of its turnover from the Organic range to Trees for the future to help with their efforts regarding the reforestation work they do. So by using and purchasing from the Smoking Organic range of rolling papers you will help in contributing towards the planting of over 50,000 trees every year, no small contribution by any means. Who would of thought smoking a phatty would help plant trees for the future. But I digress, what about the smoking rolling paper? This is Smokings most ecological and environmentally friendly paper they have ever produced. Each individual rolling paper leaf or leave is made with 100 percent Bio certified Hemp that has been grown naturally with out using pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers giving you a worry free smoke. Each and every packet even have a tree free seal to certify that no trees where used in the production of this rolling paper and even the sticking gum is natural vegetable gum with zero other additives, so not only a natural rolling paper but a vegan one as well. The smoke is easy going and the organic paper burns well with no sideburns or runs and the overall result is a high end smoking rolling paper of great quality. This rolling paper is also available in regular single wide size as well as Spanish size one and a quarter papers for your rolling pleasure.


  • Leaf length and width-108 x 44 mm
  • Paper weight - 13gsm
  • No. of leaves per booklet - 33
  • No. of booklets per display - 50
  • No. of displays per box - 50


Organic King Size Slim Rolling Papers



OCB Organic Hemp King Size Slim Rolling Paper 


The OCB Organic is the smokers choice for anyone who prefers a 100% Natural rolling Experience. Only Pure hemp grown and harvested on organic farms is used in the OCB Organic line of products to ensure a totally organic smoking rolling paper. The ultra-thin slim  papers are unbleached and unrefined with no bleaches or chlorine added - you can even see natural variations in the shade of the paper leaves depending on that years hemp harvest. These papers are just as mother nature intended and smoke perfectly with no sideburns or fast burn times, just a slow relaxed smoke is what you will get. The OCB papers are known for the fact that they always stick first time every time. Many other rolling paper brands out there let all your hard work go to waste and unravel before you can enjoy a nice smoke. OCB on the other hand has always used 100% Natural Arabic Gum that is both vegetarian and GMO-Free to ensure the best roll your own smoking experience possible. In respect of the environment, OCB Rolling Paper booklets are printed with vegetable inks and on recycled cardboard with no harsh chemicals added to the manufacturing process.


oCB organic lifestyle rolling papers

When it comes to smoking high end rolling papers you should never tear the packet apart to make your roach tip or crutch as you waste the benefits of using the natural organic papers by not using a natural organic smoking tip. Of course we are biased but our tips are the very best in the world, all hand finished and made from natural ingredients such as hemp and recycled paper. we also have been doing this since we started many years ago long before it became cool to produce ethical products. It was the only way forward, not a sales gimmick and we hope you other ethically minded smokers notice that difference. What ever rolling paper you use a Quintessential Tip is the best roach you could ever use, it makes smoking a pleasure and not a hassle.