Smoking roach tips are often seen as add on items for the fussy smokers but did you know that using a roach tip has many bonuses compared to just ripping the rizla packet apart on your rolling papers. while many people fall into the lazy smoker category and dont care about what they ingest into there body, there is a fast growing sub set of educated aware smokers who understand the link between what they put into there bodies and the the repercussions that may occur. Its not rocket science though, the rizla packets have glues, dyes and chlorine and bleaches used in the manufacturing process, you then smoke through this passing hot smoke through the bad paper and inhale this direct into your lungs. Fair enough once or twice will not cause harm but long term use of bad roach will not aid you in the long run in any way. Same reason why people want organic rolling papers these days, as society gets more health concious, so does the consumer products they require adapt and change. 


Unlike the rest though Quintessential Tips has been doing things the right way from the beginning. They have not jumped on the bandwagon of natural smoking products, they where the originator of the  eco conciousness that has seen the market explode with new products of late all hoping to cash in on peoples new found awareness. Its great to see the change but its also funny to notice that we did this 20 years ago when making things chlorine free or from sustainable forest stocks was unheard of. But as a smoker / toker can you really call yourself a smoking connoisseur if you dont have the kit, the answer is no. You can dress like you know, you can talk like you know but if what you are using as smoking tools are sub par then you out yourself as a noob. This can change though,  being a noob is a necessary step in becoming a connoisseur, you can be the latter without being the former at some point so suck it up and get rolling with organic papers and hemp smoking tips. 


Do you still know someone rolling up using thick red rolling papers and ripped roach of their rizla packet? then help them attain a level of awareness by introducing them to the upper echelons of the rolling smoking paper market and all it entails. They will in time thank you for making there smokes better tasting and in a way healthier through not inhaling bleaches and chlorine that are present in most rolling smoking papers and cheap roach tips. We recommend using the best hemp rolling papers around at the moment and that OCB hemp king-size slim rolling papers. use these with Quintessential tips for a great smoking experience.