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Tobacconist's Truro Cornwall - Cigars & Loose Tobacco

31. March 2016

Welcome people to another Quintessential Tips blog post, this time its on tobacco. Cornwall and England in general have lost the majority of its tobacconists over the last few years and it seems to be a dying industry. however Quintessential Truro, Cornwall's biggest and best stocked head shop has decided its time to sell loose tobacco, additive free of course and Cigars as there is no where offering the facility and in Cornwall's capital buying a good quality cigar is a basic right.  Quintessential Truro offers Pueblo tobacco loose and in pre packaged weight amounts from 12.5 grams to 25 grams, they also sell native american Spirit tobacco loose and in pre packaged weighted amounts of 12.5, 25 and 35 gram bags. And new in is Cheetah Natural tobacco which comes only loose.


Additive free tobacco cornwall


All loose tobacco sold by Quintessential Truro in Cornwall comes in 5 gram amounts meaning you can buy just 5 grams or you can buy more as long as its in multiples of 5 grams, you can even mix a couple of loose tobaccos together for a custom made blend, although we only suggest doing this if you have a keen sense of taste and know what you are trying to create. All tobaccos Quintessential Truro sell are natural or additive free. They have nicotine and tar in them as all tobacco's do but none of the other chemicals added and with over 600 less the Golden Virginia or cutters choice its easy to see why the additive free baccy is fast becoming the only tobacco worth trying.  Alongside the natural tobaccos they sell they also do a wide range of nicotine free herbal smoking blends such as Greengo and Knaster and mellow yellow, with the Knaster coming in flavours like vanilla or cherry. If you are cornwall local or just down on holiday then pop in to Quintessential Truro for a wide range of loose and pre packed additive free tobaccos and smoking mixtures.


 Cornwall Truro tobacconist Additive free natural tobacco

New Cigars that are stocked in Truro include handmade Punch Coronations Havana cigars, Upmans Junior Cigars, Montecristo Petit tubos, Romeo y Julieta Petit Churchills & La Rica Natural Tubistos and La Rica S2000 Robusto. All Cigars are well priced and kept in a humidor for freshness. make Quintessential Truro your go to destination for fine quality cigars while in Cornwall's capital city. If you want something special they can get it in and its no problem to pop in and ask questions. Also new in stock is the Cigar travel lighter which is a great bit of invitation allowing you to take your lighter on planes etc without fear of loss.


Cornwall tobacconists - La rica series 2000 Ciagr

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Neil on December 20, 2016

Do you stock Toscana cigars, either Classico or Antico, perhaps the smaller versions.


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