Quintessential Truro & Quintessential Tips are proud to be able to offer 2 very new and exciting hemp cbd products to our ever expanding range of organic CBD & CBDa Oils, concentrates, crystals and capsules. We only sell products that come from certified EU hemp crops farmed in a sustainable and eco fashion utilizing growing skills handed down through the generations. Please though don just read our blog, do plenty of research on the different things CBD can help you with and please look into the difference between CBD from EU hemp and CBD from Chinese hemp including how synthetic cbd is emerging onto the market. Your health and well being is of utmost importance to us and we hope you would take a fair amount of time to check if CBD is right for you. The 2 new products shown below mark a new era in ingesting cbd with 1 product being a chewing gum and the other being a cbd based kief powder which can be smoked or vaporized for great bio-availability of the cbd into your system.


Hemp CBD seeds in hands


Endoca CBD Chewing Gum 150mg - Organic Mint 


Some people may struggle taking the oils orally as they dont enjoy the sensation of having oil in their mouth but the new Endoca CBD chewing gum is a great way to not only bypass taking cbd oil but also take cbd for stress, anxiety or any issue it helps you with on the move and in public without drawing attention to yourself. After all taking chewing gum is so common that no one even on the tube would even show the slightest acknowledgement that you where medicating yourself with CBD. Each packet comes with a total content of 10 pieces of gum that each has 15mg of active CBD compound in it with box total of 150mg of cbd and masticating with CBD gum is great way to increase your CBD uptake as its all absorbed directly through the mouth into the body. Perfect for travelling on air planes to create a calm and relaxing effect without any pharmaceutical drugs to manage anxiety and tension. Always keep some handy in your bag or purse to be able to ingest CBD at your will wherever you are. Also as an added bonus the organic mint flavour is exceptionally good and refreshing also making your breath smell good.


Endoca CBD Chewing Gum -hemp mint


Endoca Shish - CBD Kief Powder


This is  very innovative and interesting hemp based CBD product that allows the user to inhale the cbd directly into the lungs via combustion or via vapour when used with a herbal vaporizer. The product comes in a 2 gram pot and is made to mix with your favourite legal smoking herbs or dab it pure using your favourite vaporizer, the cbd evaporates at temperatures over 180 degrees Celsius and each 2 gram pot of CBD Kief has a CBD content of 140mg. The CBD kief is made from 100 percent pure organic plant material and cannabidiol. All Endoca products are free of heavy metals and pesticides and are worthy of your time and money if you are looking for a high end CBD product to ingest. we recommend using with a quality vaporizer such as the Volcano, Storm or pax for a great vapour quality. Blow big CBD clouds with the great new hemp vaporizer kief.

Endoca CBD Kief Vaporizer Powder