This is a good question and the answer is not so simple if you dont know much about what CBD & CBDa is and unless you have a degree in scientific journal reading you can be forgiven for having issues understanding everything that is involved with the production of CBD and how the compound reacts with your body. This blog is not designed to push a particular cbd product, rather its to advise on how to begin your journey into the natural hemp food supplement known as CBD Oil.


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Now first things first, what is in a name, well in CBD oils case its everything and the reason for this is that as with any new and emerging trend some people will be top of their game and some people will try and cut corners to make a quick pound. The reality is that if you are taking CBD hemp products for your health then you cant afford both financially and health wise to waste time trying everything on the CBD market. To produce CBD & CBDa compounds properly you are going to need high end lab equipment and of course access to quality hemp and when we say quality hemp we mean certified organic EU hemp crops.  Of course if you can grow your own and make your own CBD then you will have complete quality control but for many people they will rely on re sellers and it can get confusing when trying to choose.


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Unfortunately it seems like a lot of the so called CBD products floating around on auction sites and dodgy retailer web stores are from Chinese Hemp crops which could of been sprayed with any unregulated weed killers, hormones and stimulants and you the end user will pay through the nose for a well packaged but ultimately rubbish product and that is before we even talk about synthetic CBD so believe me it really pays off to do plenty of product research before buying do you dont end up with a bottle of well packaged weed killer.

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Once you have found a reputable source for your CBD & CBDa hemp products your next question is what product out of their range should I consume and the answer to this varies in that unless you know you require the strongest concentrate going you probably should start with a 3% CBD Oil or at least a low concentration to see how you feel on it and how your body reacts to the new compound in your body. It would be a waste to purchase a very expensive one only to not use it and keep it in the bathroom cabinet.


Synthetic CBD is snake oil


My overriding point in this blog is that you need to do plenty of research and not just buy what looks well packaged and shiny, in this trade the gimmicky products are to be stayed away from and anything that looks like its been marketed to young people through slogans and bright adverts. What you want is certified batch testable products sold to you from people not just looking to make quick money but also those people based within the Hemp trade industry