Dear customers both old and new please note that we have removed the payment function for paypal on our website due to Pay-pal in their infinite wisdom classifying CBD or cannabidiol as a narcotic. No notice was given and no explanation despite asking 4 times why our account was closed. CBD is a legal product that is not prohibited from sale and is classified as a natural food supplement, so its in the same class as vitamin c in the eyes of UK law. Despite that, PayPal have taken an anti - business stance in that it wont allow sales  on their platform as CBD breaks the terms of its policies of which they wont show or explain.


PayPal Block CBD Oil sales


The reasons behind this could be to do with Pay Pal being paid by off by pharmaceutical companies to slow the advance of CBD or it may be that pay pal are just a backwards company that despite the clever marketing are just anti business and anti progression. funny how you can use pay pal to buy so many things that are regulated or immoral on various auction sites but the sale of a natural food supplement is to them a massive deal despite not wanting to explain why or offer any support to people who have used and paid you money for many years.


pay pal suck


So Paypal, it seems you are anti hemp and in being so you have made it that bit tougher for some people to purchase a product that they feel will help them exponentially. Please feel free to respond to any of my emails and actually answer why you have taken this incredibly backwards stance - you wont of course.  To our customers we will be implementing Amazon payments shortly plus a range of other payment facilities that make pay pal look like the tired old dog it really is. Thanks Pay pal you suck.