2016 is a fresh new year and what better way to start the year than by reading a blog based on rolling smoking papers. Its what you woke up this morning with a pressing urge to do, and we are happy to oblige. The rolling paper market has been a bit stagnant of late with little new products of worth being released. Could this be that smoking papers have peaked in demand and are on a very slow decline as more people take up vaping instead of smoking. We dont think this is the case though as many many people the world over use smoking rolling papers everyday in many different sizes. So what could 2016 see that's possibly going to be a game changer in the world of roll your own cigarettes.



We would love to see a return of the Brown sugar tobacco rolling papers in the UK but due to customs taking there sweet time deciding whether the paper thickness is correct and the right tobacco tax has been used there has been no Brown sugar rolls on the market for some time and this is strange as they are a really good seller and even better than that they where joy to smoke with, so fingers, toes and everything else crossed please that 2016 will see the return of the brown sugar roll made by HBI. 



Another great paper range that would be great to see release a new smoking paper variety would be Highland who are famous for there stripping policewoman headquarters rolling papers that are an iconic smoking paper that everyone knows and remembers from there youth, perhaps 2016 will see a new release from Pot & Pan the makers of this great product, god knows the UK smokers would be keen as would all head shops who sell headquarters and cosmic papers on a daily basis. I am sure like many people out there, Headquarters hold a real special place in my heart and are an absolute pleasure to roll and smoke with.



Whatever your smoking style 2016 is sure to see some cool stuff released by the manufactures, stay tuned to the quintessential tips blog for new releases and the best places to buy rolling smoking accessories in 2016.  There are some great UK retailers and there are some really dodgy ones so only buy your rolling papers from industry leaders like Ali Bongo & Everyonedoesit to be sure of real no faked smoking papers because if anything 2016 will se an influx of counterfeit goods


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