CBD or Cannabidiol is the new thing on the UK natural food supplement market and has had a strong start and some very promising results for people within the UK who have long awaited a change in the law. Unfortunately we are not totally there yet with England's power elite refusing to listen to science and logic and instead choosing hearsay, speculation and fear as way to ensure their pals in the tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutical industries are kept in suits and people suffering are at best an afterthought. We are not saying that CBD or cannabidiol or CBDa are going to cure you or heal you in any way, we urge you to do as much research as possible to help you make an informed decision.

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 People that say to others put on a suit, do up your tie and sing the national anthem do so on the misery and pain of those less fortunate and whats funny is that England should be leading the way on issues such as these, we could be a go to country for alternative practices.  It will surprise you just how many people we talk to who have had positive experiences with high quality CBD Oils and products to the point that they start to give up the prescribed medication. But when talking to the GP or physician they are met with  a blank look when CBD or cannabis is mentioned. We find this particularly worrying as these people are meant to be there to offer medical advice but when they are literally paid to push big pharmas drugs it makes you wonder if the oath they took has been forgotten. It may not yet be totally mainstream but GP's and doctors should be furthering their knowledge at all times to ease the suffering of ill people. And this includes educating themselves on the healing powers that Hemp and cannabis allegedly have, at least do the research so they can tell me why it wont help etc. We hope beyond hope that the laws within the UK change and change rapidly, we are already a long way behind the majority of the rest of the world who use science, logic and compassion when it comes to dealing with this subject in ever increasing numbers.



At least CBD is now legal and available to the British public, but like all new things there are those that will abuse it by selling Chinese imported CBD products or home-made Cannabidiol products that have undergone no regulation or even product testing to ensure cbd strength. So our advice is do plenty of research and only buy CBD and related products from official stockists and people based within the hemp trade. Buying from auction sites can be a costly mistake both financially and for health reasons unless quality and origin is up for scrutiny.


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So in 2016 will you be using CBD rich products and if so which ones and do you have any experience of using them already. we would love to hear from you so please comment below and interact with the blog. The more information, reviews and opinions available good or bad will help other people, and that is what it is all about.