Vaping is a science all of its own with some serious kit being released in 2016. Now there is plenty of info already on the industry and some great forums on which to stay current, but we thought that our customers both new and old may benefit from a vaping guide so as to make life a bit easier for those looking to start inhaling CBD & CBDa vapours, but have little working knowledge of the vape scene. 


Holy CBD vape Batman


Vaping has had a rough old time lately with the TPD sending shock waves of horror through the industry, all on the service of the Tobacco conglomerates I might add plus scare stories emerging into the media like "popcorn lung" and other stories relating to Chinese manufacturing processes. As far as we are concerned its like anything in life, you get what you pay for, so when deciding to vape it pays to get decent kit and decent products to vape, be it herbal or liquid based. Unfortunately with everyone and there dead dog trying to flog vape stuff it can be very disorientating to know what to buy from where. 


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We recommend only buying vape equipment through dedicated vape shops, if they sell rolling papers or other smoking paraphernalia you can be sure they are in it to make some quick money and as a result you may be buying old out of date stock or worse fake counterfeit goods. dont risk your card details or your health by using a websites that do this. This is the same logic when buying CBD & CBDa hemp based products, you want a dedicated hemp based business to take care of you going forward where quick money is not the goal but rather long term customer satisfaction is more important.


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So lets start first with the vaporizer or e cig to be used to vape with. Many folk will of been ahead of the game for some time but many out there, and we meet them regularly who still use the ego ecig kits that they bought from a garage forecourt, but there is so much more on offer so below we will list the products of note and there evolution in the world of vape culture.


Vape Life Progression


 Ego E-Cig Kit


 Ahh the old girl is still making the rounds in vape society, although usually by older patrons of the vape life who either got given one or bought one to help quit smoking. Now this type of vaporizer is a great place to start. In its base form it has no variable voltage battery nor in many cases changeable coil clearomizers. Its just a bulk standard battery with a disposable tank that you replace when the coil burns out. nothing fancy but in many ways its usually what most people begin there vape life with before upgrading to the Evod type of e-cigarette kit.


CBD Vape kits Cornwall


Evod E-cigarette kit


This was the start of the future as far as vaping is concerned, sometimes included was the variable voltage kits but we are getting ahead of ourselves, The Evod is often recommended for beginners because it’s very easy to use, easy to fill, quick to charge and fairly simple to replace the atomizer heads. It’s an all in one package that is ready to vape without much hassle. So for many it became the go to vape kit of choice for beginners and intermediates that wanted more than the ego kits gave but without being overly difficult to use and source spare parts for. Just buy spare atomizer heads and rock on.


Evod starter e-cig kit


Variable Voltage Starter kits


 This is the start of the craziness, variable voltage for getting the most out of you e-liquids. This is where many switch off and the vape life looks more like a a hassle than an easy way of stopping smoking. Its actually not that crazy but you will need to research and understand the terminology otherwise someone trying to decide if to go for a VV vape kit might be dissuaded because they are not up to speed on the technology used. At this moment variable voltage devices produce the best performance available on the E-cig market. However, if you have never used an E-cig before, a variable voltage / wattage device may not be right for you and put you off vaping in the future.


Variable Voltage / wattage Vape kit



Battery Mods 


The VV / VW starter kits have evolved again from the stick batteries with the twist able base to include the new battery mods like are bigger, stronger and much more adaptable to new technology such as the increasing market in vape tanks and atomizers that have inspired a generation of modders and mech builders in the vape scene. What makes them great is that not only are the new mods pass through batteries meaning you can vape while charging, so no stopping to charge and another added feature is you can now vape and charge your mobile phone from the battery mod, something that could come in very handy in an emergency scenario. 




Now that you can see the vape progression, you can perhaps make an easier choice when deciding what tools to use when vaping your high end organic cbd & cbda. Mix one of these battery or kits with a certified organic cbd elixir for a proper vape that may help alleviate anxiety and other symptoms that may be effecting your health. Of course understanding the kit and having the right CBD e liquid is the only way to get the most from your high end cbd hemp based products, going in blind will result in lost cbd and wasted money. Do things the right way first time and you will be laughing. In answer to the question the blog, how do you vape cannabidiol effectively, the answer is simply - By using the right equipment with the right CBD product, dont go cheap and do plenty of research, make your own and mess about with the mixture until you have it right. you will reap the rewards in no time and will be happy vaping your certified pure CBD & CBDa while others are buying gimmicky uncertified snake oil from merchants of sorrow. 


Dont buy cheap CBD vape e liquids & Juices

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