With so many people trying CBD Oil, its only natural that it would become used in the vape world. As a direct method of getting cannabidiol into the lungs via the act of turning the CBD into vapour, this can be done using a vape kit much like this one here to release the cannabidiol. Like all new things relating to the vape world its open to abuse and unfortunately there are a lot of of CBD producers who are using synthetic CBD so be very careful when buying cleverly marketed CBD vape liquids as the quality and product could actually be harmful to you as unknown compounds etc are introduced to your body. So only buy from certified vendors or make your own to be sure of the quality. We recommend staying away from flavored or altered CBD oil, you may as well throw your money down the drain. Adding artificial flavourings are not something a reputable manufacturer of CBD would do if they where proud of their product. CBD based e-juices should be about the purity of the cannabidiol which means using a good 99% isolate, These days the majority are of a better standard than when they first where released a couple of years ago and there are many UK manufacturers making great vape & Dab CBD products. Of course there are still Chinese cheap brands around but by now most UK vapers will know what to look for.





Vaping CBD is possible and recommended via a cartridge or a Tank style vaporizer, the quality and the dosage from these cbd cartridges are not great and there are many reviews claiming that what they got was not even CBD. We recommend only buying from CBD products from people based in the Hemp trade, much as we recommend buying Vape equipment and regular nicotine based e-liquids from people based in the vape or Head or alternative industry. Auction sites and discount websites are expressly a big no no when it comes to purchasing anything that you wish to do you good in the long run financially. Words to be wary of are things like King or best or anything trying to market the cbd in a way that is gimmicky. This is a great way of telling if the product your buying is indeed as good as it claims. If its good people will be reviewing and using it regularly and there will be plenty of certificates etc proving it has been tested and certified pure and organic with no pathogens or bacteria. Below is video by Endoca CBD explaining why certification is important and why using non certified products are a illogical reality.  



Vaping is a really great alternative to smoking, this has been proved by the NHS who encourage people to use vaping as a means to stopping smoking. Its really cool that you can also use Vaping as the perfect delivery system to get cannabidiol into the lungs. We recommend using a High end CBD or liquid such as Canavape Terpene Infused CBD juices. once you have chosen your CBD vape liquid , fill up your TPD compliant tank and begin inhaling the vaporised CBD compound after letting the e-juice soak into a fresh coil for a few moments to prime it. A Vaporizer expressly for e-liquids such as the Smok V8 Stick Kit used with a great TFV8 Tank and with replaceable coils will give you a deep satisfying vape that will disperse CBD and CBG into your lungs in a way that is satisfying and effective for the needs of the UK's modern CBD Vape enthusiasts.




To recap main issues bullet pointed below


  • Only Vape with Organic CBD vape juice
  • Staying away from Artificial flavored CBD E-liquids can be beneficial 
  • Companies claiming Purity but not providing certificates of analysis on request.
  • Gimmicky looking CBD is just that, Usually well marketed but lacking Transparency 
  • Invest in proper vape equipment to get the most out of your cannabidiol 
  • Do your research before buying any CBD products - any joker can make a product
  • Quintessential only carries Quality CBD Brands - If we don't stock it you don't want it.
  • Stay away from cheap synthetic CBD products - if its too cheap there is a reason
  • Cartridge based CBD E-liquids can be problematic if its 206 but not no more
  • When making e-liquid use only high end organic products if possible
  • If in doubt don't buy till you have exhausted your research
  • Only buy CBD based products from a hemp related retailer - re-sellers selling
  • other products or with no history of trading in or around hemp are just cashing in and have no real care for the industry or hemp and cannabis as real viable source of food and materials for the humans of this planet to utilize and might not be trusted to provider a decent service - its about quick money so again do your research and stay away from dodgy sites. look at their trading history and reviews and make your own mind up.