Where do you buy yours from? With so many different sources, buying CBD and CBDa based hemp products can be a nightmare, who do you trust and is price king? Like all new products there will be people attracted to both ends. Those that want certified purity will not be buying hand made or garage made cbd products, its backwards logic, despite how cheap they are, the quality is unknown and the hemp sourced to create the product could be from Chinese hemp farms and sprayed with god knows what. Or the product could contain organic hemp grown naturally, but with no way of certifying it, it becomes a guessing game and often will need trial and error with money spent to find a product you can actually believe in.


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Amazon & Ebay for example are full of some great listings for CBD & Cannabidiol products but is it to good to be true. With most listings being for CBD vape oil, it would seem that the market is geared towards younger clientèle as the majority of CBD users take it in oil or capsule form where as vaping seems much cooler and attracts younger people. Sometimes its even marketed in an ambiguous way that allows people to think they may get high buy inhaling it. Its a shame that this is the path that we have to go down when it comes to high end food supplements made from industrial hemp.

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As we always say, do your research, and then do it again.When it comes to your well being its very important that you have al the facts before taking a product especially if your taking it for health related reasons. We at Quintessential dont recommend taking CBD products as cure, its not sold as that and the final decision of its quality will be left up to you to judge once ingested. Like anything natural or organic, it needs to be certified and tested by a third party to ensure product quality and transparency or else you could be paying for expensive snake oil.  


Buying un-certified cbd oil - snake oil