Hello good people and welcome to another blog by the random access crew originating in Ibiza this time. we hope you all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a new year in 2016 filled with love light and happiness. And to start 2016 with a bang we are going to be selling many new bits and pieces including high end body jewellery and accessories. From high end products like studio 18 and UK custom plugs all the way down to budget brands such as karma Se7en . No matter what your into piercing wise we will have the best prices going and of course the best customer service which Quintessential is famous for both in its shop in Truro and its online ventures, so you can be sure to pick up a bargain at the best prices with great service.

We will be promoting the top end such as UK custom Plugs and Studio 18 to and are very proud to be offering all this plus much much more on a brand new website that is going live very soon. So no matter what you are into Quintessential Emporium will be the one stop alternative shop gor people who like the finer things of the alternative trade. From Earrings to contact lenses we will have it all at unbeatable prices so please check back and get ready for a new way to buy your products, one that is hassle free and staffed by lovely people that care.


Plugs, Tunnels & body piercing @ Quintessential Emporium