Unfortunately it has been brought to our attention that a few unscrupulous websites and auction sites including Ebay and Amazon have sellers selling our products at a very cheap price. Please be aware that anyone underselling our products are likely to be involved with selling faked and forged products right across the board and are not to be used or trusted. Obviously the auction sites are what they are but the websites involved with selling fakes are not also to be trusted with your card details as the people running them are not what you would call kosher. AND BE ESPECIALLY AWARE OF ANY WEBSITE CLAIMING TO ONLY SELL GENUINE QUINTESSENTIAL TIPS - THE FACT THEY HAVE TO SAY THEY IS TELLING.


Bad Karma for shyster fraudsters


So if you see any of our products being sold for under what we sell them for online by a big margin its likely that the website is involved with dubious practices and you should never use them. We have provided a official retailer list so if they are not on there and are selling online dont use them to avoid disappointment. This is standard across the industry and really when it comes to rolling papers or smoking paraphernalia you should always use long established websites and traders to be sure you are not supporting the fakes and counterfeit industry.