It would seem that the war on drugs or rather the war on cannabis is coming to an end. With America leading the way and Canada about to follow suite can it really be said that cannabis or hemp is a drug. you could be mistaken for thinking nothing has changed concerning the public's attitude towards cannabis and hemp. The mainstream media jump at the chance to report any and all findings that further there narrative that cannabis and hemp are bad for you but with more and more evidence that proves we have been lied to is there any excuse now for not legalizing and making the cure available to anyone who needs it. In fact our country appears harsh and authoritarian in deciding to classify someone as a criminal for using a plant, used for many years by millions of people safely and without causing harm to those around them.


War on drugs has failed

In the United kingdoms case, we are governed by people who shamefully disregard scientific evidence and even sack a scientist who gave them the truth because they are paid to keep cannabis / hemp suppressed in the public eye. It really does say a lot about a country when they allow themselves to be ruled by psychopaths who are super keen for more wars, death and destruction but cant handle a plant. But they all drink alcohol like its going out of fashion, no hypocrisy then. 


Big society my ass


Fortunately unjust laws are made to be broken and it is now inevitable that cannabis will be legalized within the UK despite all the oil/ pharma companies shitting themselves that there bottom line profit may decrease. Its going to happen. And with the new public awareness that we have been lied to for the last 60 odd years, much more research and investigation has been happening into hemp including the ability to use and sell CBD oil and hemp based products that have gained notoriety due to there perceived health benefits. However due to the newness of CBD many people seem to get confused by the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil. 


Hemp can save the world


Hemp oil despite being healthy and tasty has no CBD content and does not contain the CBD people want although they may of been using hemp oil for that very reason without understanding the difference. For example, regular hemp oil is best used as a soap or an oil for cooking and not for medicinal reasons despite its nutritional values. Therefore, it is very important for CBD consumers to understand that hemp oil and CBD oil are not the same thing. Some unethical merchants have sold hemp oil under the guise of CBD oil with nasty consequences. These vendors will often claim that hemp oil is a cheaper alternative and a good source of CBD. Consuming hemp oil in the same manner can make the individual more ill and is not advised. Beware marketing and fancy packaging and look for certified organic CBD products that are in control of the entire production method if possible.


Hemp oil is not CBD oil


What is CBD oil?

The acronym CBD stands for "cannabidiol" and it is a natural compound that makes up part of the cannabis plant. Cannabis is made up of many different natural compounds called cannabinoids. The main cannabinoids in the cannabis plant are CBD and THC with many other compounds including CBDA in smaller quantities. THC is the psychoactive ingredient what gives cannabis users that "stoned feeling" or high and CBD is the natural compound that gives users medicinal benefits, such as pain relief and anxiety relief. Until recently, the majority of the cannabis plants that were grown contained high levels of THC and very little CBD though this is set to change. Enough CBD in a plant can block out the effects of THC. This makes CBD a much better cannabinoid for medicinal purposes because it won’t cause drowsiness or other side effects associated with THC. This makes CBD oil a much more accessible product that can be used by all without fear of getting "High" or "Stoned".


How does CBD oil work in the body?

The way CBD, and all cannibinoids, effect the human body is by accessing the cannibinoid receptors that are spread out throughout the human body. The two receptors primarily affected are called "CB1" and "CB2". The CB1 receptor is found on the surfaces of cells in the brain, and the CB2 receptor is linked to one's immune system. This is highly interesting and supported by scientific research though you should clarify everything yourself by doing your own research intro CBD and its effects and benefits, there are many research papers out there with all you need to understand how CBD effects your body.


What are the potential medicinal benefits of CBD oil?

The medicinal effects are subjective and its important to understand that its not being sold as a cure, rather its a high end food supplement that has some astounding properties., so it can become difficult to gauge individual benefits. There may be many potential benefits to CBD oil ranging from pain relief to anxiety relief. Other clinical studies have suggested that CBD might be used to treat addiction such as alcoholism. Ask your doctor if the potential benefits outweigh the potential risks but be prepared for your local GP to recommend pharmaceutical drugs instead of hemp based alternatives. Question them and there education on the subject and make your own mind up. We have had people who have had positive experiences with the use of high end organic cbd oil but it is something you will need to research fully before buying.




The effects of CBD on the body are still being studied and explored in further detail. New information is coming out all the time. Currently, there is no certainty in just what CBD oil will to do an individual. It is up to the individual to do their own research and understand the risks involved when using CBD oil to treat an illness. Always consult your physician before trying any new form of treatment. And as said before do plenty of research before purchasing.


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