Using and ingesting anything these days runs a real risk of making you ill, if its not fats and sugars its e numbers and heavy metals and that's only what's added to the products after the fact, imagine what is used in the production process of the base ingredients and its easy to see why cancers and illnesses are so prevalent in our society. The food industry is an all consuming juggernaut that puts profit before health in the same way every corporation does so its no wonder that organic has become a word people associate with healthier living. Frankly having to put a label on something to explain its not been made with harsh and toxic pesticides and growth hormones is ridiculous, it should naturally be the case right across the market, but with an industrial food industry that is not going to happen.


Organic Food

So end result is some believe in organic and understand what it represents and others see it as a way for supermarkets to charge increased prices for what they see as the same product but with some dirt on it to signify its organic. Personally I believe in organic to the point that i feel the milk is better and the veg is tastier than non organic plus it has to be certified by the soil association so the trust is there .... to a point. So when I take a natural health food supplement the same logic applies, i want it to be organic and effective for what i require it for. Its self defeating to take something that you intend to alleviate certain symptoms and improve health, that has been made with the same lack of care and quality that you would expect. So when I take or recommend a CBD oil Product it has to be certified and GMP tested organic. With lots of underhand wannabe business men around, synthetic CBD oil is on the scene and being sold to unsuspecting people, especially in the CBD vape scene which unfortunately attracts a lot of young people and some producers use bright and colourful packaging to appeal to the younger un-educated crowd who while they wish to take CBD oil products don't know or understand the difference between real, synthetic and un organic hemp based CBD. So to protect yourself and your wallet do your research and only buy organic CBD based hemp products from reputable sources to avoid buying snake oil.


Organic-Hemp Snake oil salesman


I want to know from plant to bottle that the entire production method is done in-house and can be tracked and evaluated through the entire process, why because CBD oils are not cheap so I want to get the very best out of my money and give my body the boost it deserves. No chemicals and no synthetic additives, just pure organic CBD & CBDa extracts. The results from using CBD & CBDA is astounding from regulate sleep patterns to alleviated joint pain it has really made a huge difference in how i live my life, do your research and try for yourself or give it as a gift to make someone you knows life better.