Its been a long time coming and it has a lot to live up to in terms of musical triumph. Rolling Papers, the original was a strange hybrid of hip hop, it just worked well from start to finish and it talked a lot about weed and smoking, money and bitches and champagne, something we all can relate to...right?  Well with the news that in 2016 we are getting a sequel to the cool original we all await with baited breath another clever insta classic.



 Wiz did create one of the best modern hip hop albums that traversed genre and age, the world has seen in a long time.  As a avid hip hop fan i really like it, it was different, not to heavy and perfect smoking music. So with the good news that there will be a rolling papers 2 album, we hope and pray its as good if not better than the first and that is going to be a tall order. But fingers crossed Wiz pulls it off and we all have something to roll 2 in 2016. I just hope it speaks to me as profoundly as the first album did. I have never and would never consider buying any hip hop album that's based in the mainstream.... apart from wiz's. if you are that rare soul that never heard the album, i suggest you sit down, roll a phatty and listen to it start to finish, it flows so well from tune to tune that skipping tracks is almost criminal. The countdown begins.