CBD Oil is a new and exciting health food supplement made from extracting the CBD ( Cannabidiol) from industrial hemp plants. In Cornwall, UK, Quintessential Truro was the very first business to promote and sell this niche elixir to the general public and while many will try and jump on the bandwagon you have to ask yourself a few questions. Are the products that are sold high end and from reputable sources and is the business selling them involved within the Hemp industry. If the answer is no then we recommend not purchasing till you have done a lot of research. With so many new brands being made available, which if any are actually made with the end user in mind and which ones are made to sell to the uneducated through fancy marketing and sales shpeel.


 Cornish CBD Oil @ quintessential Truro Cornwall

Without any question the CBD Oils sold in Truro, Cornwall by Quintessential are of the highest certified quality with hemp production being maintained by the companies themselves. In other words we only sell hemp based cbd products that can prove the quality and the origin of the hemp used. its like taking a health supplement only to find out it was derived from a Monsanto hemp field, for obvious reasons you should take the origins of your food supplements seriously because buying an inferior brand to save a fiver in the long run will do you no benefit.  Seriously people, if your going to be buying CBD oil and products research the brand and its origin carefully before purchasing it. At least that way you minimise the possibility of buying snake oil.


CBD Oil Chart

CBD Questions We Have Been Asked


Q. Why should I pay £29.95 for a bottle of this CBD oil when i can go to health food store and pick up a litre of hemp oil for a tenner.


A. your welcome to do that but don't expect any benefits apart from the normal when ingesting plain hemp oil - it has no CBD or Cannabidiol in the product so it would appear you need to either do more research into what you require or your being difficult for difficulties sake and resent paying for a high end food supplement.  


Q. I don't care if my food is GMO, why would it matter if the hemp used is from non organic fields. 


A. This is a good question and the answer is simply put, organic is better for you. If the product cant or wont provide certificates to prove its marketing from seed to bottle then there may be something to hide.


Q. I want to get high from CBD oil 


A. No you don't and you wont either as the active THC content is blow 0.2%. It worth remembering that this hemp natural supplement is not made for those reasons and will provide all the natural healing properties such as anti inflammation and improved sleep to name a few without making you high, in other words CBD oil sold at quintessential is non Psychedelic. 


Q. Can I Vape the CBD oils you Sell


A. Not directly but if you wanted to use them in a vape tank to get the cannabidiol straight to the lungs and repository system then you could infuse the oil with a organic VG ( vegetable Glycerine) and experiment with vaping CBD for yourself. Please not the liquids we sell are not designed for this method of use but could be utilized to create a CBD natural vape e-liquid. Quintessential does not encourage anyone to make there own e-liquids or CBD juices and should always seek advice before doing so.


Q. What is so special about the products you stock.


A. We only will ever stock the premium CBD related products from manufacturers who can guarantee there supply chain and there manufacturing process. The people of Cornwall and the world deserve nothing less frankly and this is why we stock Endoca & Cibdol CBD products.


Q. I want CBDA Oil, can you supply this.


A. We supply both CBDa oils& CBD Oils in various strengths but also have capsules for swallowing if oil is not right for you. The benefits of CBDa is reputed to be even more active then CBD and combined together the product has a wealth of good effects.


Q. I want to try CBD or CBDa Oil but don't want to ingest it orally - is there another way.


A. We also sell Raw Hemp suppositories that are mixed with organic coconut oil for a simple and highly effective CBD product that sees up to 70% higher CBD absorption through the rectal cavity than through oral ingestion. It may be less glamorous but our well-being is not based on glamour, its based on a real need to not just survive but thrive.