Sleep, we all need it and we all take it for granted that it should be a simple matter of putting your head on pillow and the lights go out. But did you know that there are many many people, myself included who if insomniac is not the right description, than troubled sleeper is. It can be a right pain and and has the ability to leave you tired, irritable and not preforming to the best of your abilities, something we all need to be able to do to pay the bills and put food on the table.


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Often if you go to the GP or doctor they will flick through a book and write you out a prescription for some awful sleeping pills that may knock you out but will leave you feeling the next day like your brain has been run over with a steamroller. While i understand that doctors and the medical profession at large are overworked and underpaid, well apart from GP's. The fact is certain companies based in pharmaceutical industry have contracts etc with the NHS to provide what they deem appropriate medication for your particular circumstance. And in the short term, yes a pill that makes you feel shit the next day is better than no sleep, although you will be unlikely to be getting a REM or rapid eye movement sleep so with continued use it can actually make sleeping harder.



So after years of self medicating to be able to sleep as well as possible it is with great relief that I can tell you good people that a solution is there for you to try, it may not work for everyone but as far as testing it goes, all our staff have tried it and have found it beyond beneficial, and the product is CBD Oil or if not in oil form CBD capsules or suppositories.



Within two nights it was like someone lifted the veil over the sleep issue and i can remember waking up in the morning feeling like I had a full undisturbed 6 hours, and actually felt refreshed. On arriving at work I asked my co-workers how they felt after a few days of taking the oil and everyone had a positive response, some said it tasted a bit funny but sleep was the best they had had in long while.  


We are not just saying this to help sell you a product, in fact we would rather you do plenty of research before trying CBD hemp based products as it may not be for you or your doctor may advise against it. However if your doctor does advise against it please ask them to explain why. if his or her response satisfies you then fair enough but I have sneaking suspicion that the majority of doctors wont or don't want to know about Cannabidiol and if its not in the mainstream they wont of researched it. There will definitely be doctors out there who will know about it and these are people who take their profession seriously enough to at least try and understand a compound that's different from the norm.


So do your research and see what the internet has to say, luckily CBD products sold in the United Kingdom have 0.2% THC so no stoned feeling or high can be attained from using these products and the idea is not to. The CBD works within your endocannibinoid system and as well as improvements to sleep you will find it reduces pain and inflammation naturally without the need for pharmaceutical drugs. 


Now we cant and wont sell CBD products as a cure, that's not its description or its intention however as natural food supplements go certain CBD products are extremely effective at reliving what ails you in a way that is noticeable unlike when we take a food supplement such as cod liver oil with effects that are not noticeable.


We only stock 100 percent organic hemp CBD & CBDa products for the simple reason that using a food supplement to aid your well-being is not as effective if the hemp used in the extraction process has come from an unknown source that may or may not of sprayed the industrial hemp with many carcinogenic pesticides. All the products from the oil's to the capsules are from certified organic stock and the entire production method is transparent and professionally done. While you will find some websites and stores stocking a wide range of Hemp based CBD elixirs we will never sell anything that's not in keeping with our ethos.


So if you find yourself riddled with anxiety,bad sleep or chronic pain and you wish to use a more natural approach to your health then we whole heartedly recommend trying our products and our service. We offer free UK delivery using a courier and are happy to talk to you on a human level about any issues you may have.


To steal a slogan and wearp it - The Future is bright, the future is green