Buying clothes that are different in Cornwall can be a hard thing to do when most of the town centres are full of the same shops selling the same stuff that's all been mass produced in sweatshops in china or Bangladesh. Now Cornwall has 3 main shopping towns before people go to Plymouth for more of the same or on to Exeter which is the closets city to have different stuff as many independent shops still exist. The 3 main shopping towns are St Ives, Truro & Falmouth with each having its own unique feel to them.


Gecko Camden Clothing @Quintessential Truro

But sadly the products on offer seem to very mainstream and often people with style and dress sense want different stuff but still at affordable prices without having to go online and face all the problems of not being able to try on garments and if not quite what you wanted then the sheer hassle of the returns procedure can far out weigh the marginally cheaper price paid.


Braintree Clothing Truro Cornwall

In the historical capital of Cornwall there is a shop that has everything you need for a alternative lifestyle including all the traditional favourites including henna hair dyes, direction hair dyes, incense and smoking papers and products but up stairs is a dedicated ladies clothing and body jewellery section selling items such as budget body jewellery brand karma se7en and its much higher quality big brother Studio 18 and custom made plugs, tunnels and assorted piercing products. Clothing wise we have the best selection of Gecko clothing made famous in Camden London and Braintree socks and clothing all made from bamboo or organic cotton mixes. from festival style to more reserved pieces for every day use the hemp and ethical clothing sold is of extremely high quality and will compliment your alternative style in the best possible ways.


UK Custom plugs @ Quintessential Truro

It does not matter if you are a hippy, a Goth or an emo or just a regular person with no identity affiliations but epic style we think you will enjoy a day out shopping at Quintessential Truro.


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